Episode 164- 1994 and Theme Songs

Metalhead Mundy and Foggy look at album and singles releases for January 1994 and we pick theme songs for our favorite characters from Naruto and Masters of the Universe.

Episode 162- I Ya Toyah Enters The Wandering Studio

Metalhead Mundy and Foggy chat with I Ya Toyah about her new single and video, discography and her philanthropy with mental health. nGo to iyatoyah.com and subscribe. Send an email to iyatoyah@gmail.com and request a Crisis Line 988 bracelet.

Episode 157- Corey Taylor CMF2

Metalhead Mundy and Foggy review the latest from Corey Taylor- CMF2, his second solo record. Foggy reminisces about the Smashing Pumpkins.

Episode 142- Depeche Mode

Metalhead Mundy, T-Bags and Foggy review Memento Mori from Depeche Mode. Find out why you should listen.

Episode 140- Periphery, Winery Dogs And NF

Metalhead Mundy and Foggy review the latest from Periphery- V: Djent is not a Genre. Mundy shares his concert with the Winery Dogs and the boys discuss the latest from NF.