Sandman And Underrated Comics

JPP, Metalhead Mundy, T-bags, Foggy and special guest Shawn Hilton discuss the first issue of Sandman by Neil Gaiman, talk about MoonKnight and choose some underrated comics.

Beauty In Chaos' Michael And Tish Ciravolo Stop By

Michael and Tish Ciravolo stop by to talk about Beauty in Chaos’ new record Behind the Veil. They talk about their collaborations with Elena Alice Fossi, Whitney Tai, Pinky Turzo, Cinthya Hussey and Betsy Martin. They also discuss the recording industry and being an independent artist.

Steve Vai- Inviolate – Episode 99

Foggy, JPP and Metalhead Mundy review the latest instrumental record from Steve Vai- Inviolate. The record is filled with rich sounds from a virtuoso musician. Worth a listen. Check us out.

Peacemaker Review- Episode 98

Metalhead Mundy and Foggy discuss the first three episodes of Peacemaker. Find out if it’s worth your time. spoiler alert: it is!

End of the Year Spectacular- Episode 96

Metalhead Mundy, JPP and Foggy look back at the year that was 2021. The boys pick their favorite albums, movies, tv shows, books/comics. Check in to see what you missed or if you agree with the list.

Episode 95- Sion Album Review

Metalhead Mundy and Foggy review the new album from Sion. The boys dig in track by track and explain why you should be listening to this record.

Project Renegade- The Fix Is In

Foggy and Metalhead Mundy dig into the new video and track, The Fix Is In by Project Renegade. Video here:

Halsey Review and Happy Songs

On the show, we name our favorite old and current happy songs. We review the new record by Halsey: If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power.

We tackle 80s songs and Drum Intros

On Episode 81, we reminisce about 80s songs, Gathering Dust- Modern English, Subdivisions- Rush, Amadeus- Falco, Tempted- SqueezenRock You Like a Hurricane- Scorpions, She’s Like the Wind- Patrick Swayze, Burn in Hell- Twisted Sister, When Dove’s Cry- Prince, Rocky training montage and Nu Shooz I Can’t Wait. We also choose our favorite drum intros.

Mr Bungle's Latest Single

Metalhead Mundy and JPP hop on a call to give an overall first impression of Mr. Bungle’s latest single.nnPhilm on Spotify: Bungle latest single :

Kat and Nick are Holy Wars

EP 67 – Kat and Nick are Holy Wars

On this episode, Kat and Nick of Holy Wars log in to chat with us!
We discuss their latest single, IHATEMYSELF, go deep in to the history of the group, and the deeply personal EP Mother/Father.

Wanderings65 – What's in a Name, Columbia House stories, and The Chicks

On the show, we do a pop quiz over stage names, share our Columbia House stories and choose ten songs for a penny, and we review the new record from the Chicks- Gaslighter.nFor Tony’s TMinusT head here:

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Episode 64 – Jack The Radio

George and Kevin from Jack the Radio join us on the show to discuss their latest record, Creatures, and the accompanying comics book illustrating the stories.

Episode 62 – Mushroomhead And Grunge Bracket

On the show, we play bracketology with 90s grunge- we crown the number one song of the era, review the new Mushroomhead and play Who’s That Band!nnJPP’s pick of the week:nMichelle – The Bottomn

Giants by Dermot Kennedy

On minisode 6, we review Dermot Kennedy’s new song Giants.nAn Evening I Will Not Forget Live:

Project Renegade discusses Order of the Minus

Project Renegade stops by to discuss Order of the Minus, Cerebra, and their creative process. nIf you would like to become a patron, head here: Patreon Link: to join our team as a Wanderings patron!