Amazing Spider-Man 52 and Ultimate Spider-Man 6 Reviews

WebShooters- Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man Creators: Writer- Zeb Wells, Artist- Ed McGuinness


Glenn: A lot happened in this issue and not in a good way. Largely this issue is a fight between Peter and Ben as Norman continues to go muwhahahahah.

Kamala Kahn is here, she deserves better, but she’s teamed up with the Living Brain, Jonah, Doc Ock’s Old Arms, Curt Connors, a random scientist and…RekRap. She is suitably confused and I imagine in her mind, she’s gone to her happy place of G. Willow Wilson writing her.

RekRap is back. I don’t think I need to say anything more about how that makes me feel. I asked my good friend Ray the worst character he could imagine showing up. He said Kindred and I admit, that would be worse, but not by much.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Ben beats Peter, Kraven hugs his spear and the Goblin Spirit (help me) leaves Spidey’s body causing his…costume to change.

I am sad.

Steve: The Amazing crew must hate coming out on weeks with Ultimate and Shadows of the Green Goblin because those books illustrate the major flaws of this title. I feel like there were some serious missteps here again. The biggest for me is the missed opportunity of a powerless Peter Parker. In a few short issues, he is stripped of his powers, becomes the Goblin, is turned back and is in possession of the stupid “spirit spear.” When a writer strips a character of his power, there is an opportunity to show why the character is great. It’s not because of his/her power, it’s about the person with the power. See Superman: War World recently. In place of this development, we got more silly Goblin Spirit mumbo jumbo. I am not sad to see Wells leaving the title after the next arc. And, yeah, I agree with Glenn. Why is Kamala even in this issue? Is he trying to make up for killing her 27 issues ago? Who knows….


Glenn: McGuiness and Nauck are both doing a great job. I sometimes have a hard time who is drawing which page. Everything is visually engaging and both know how to draw a fight scene so this issue has that going for it.

RekRap being here is partly McGuiness fault because he loves drawing him. At least I know who to blame. I still think the Living Brain looks too much like Brainiac, robo Brainiac in particular and that distracts me a lot. Anyway, this story is ending next issue. given that we know that Wells is leaving soon, this could be McGuiness (along with Nuack) on Amazing.

I hope his next gig is much more worth his time.

Steve: There isn’t much left to say about McGuinness and Nauck. They are both masters of their craft. This book, while suffering from story, is beautiful to look at. The action sequences are a thing to behold.


Glenn: Dismal. Great art. I want to give this half a shooter but that’s not fair to the art team. This nonsense isn’t on them.

One and a half webshooters  

Steve: I’m going to be slightly more generous and go with a two, simply for the art.

Ultimate Spider-Man Creators: Writer- Jonathan Hickman, Artist- Marco Checchetto


Glenn: A lot happened in this issue and it was wonderful. Spider-Man and the Goblin take on the Kingpin, but get more than they bargained for so they have to make their escape to live to fight another day. I’ll be interested to read more about the tattoo’s on Fisk’s body and how they link to his new increased and considerable strength.

There a few interesting moments where Harry as the Goblin is willing to go a bit further than the reluctant Peter. We’re seeing the seeds of conflict between the two. It’ll likely take a while to grow but they’re definitely being planted.

Meanwhile, May Parker spills the beans about her daddy’s secret so Peter finally has to fess up. Given that he had large bruises on his face, I doubt he could have kept the secret for much longer anyway. The rest of the family seem okay on the surface, but I think maybe the son might be the weak link here. He seemed to have a lot more questions and showed more concern than either his mother or sister. If there is a risk to Peter’s identity, I believe it is there.

There is an interesting and I feel realistic conversation between Peter and MJ. She seems very understanding and patient currently. We’ll see if that changes over time, but I thought it was sold well. We then end with a wonderful moment of MJ giving Peter his superhero name that is borderline magical.

This title continues to blow me away.

Steve: Kudos Glenn. You pretty much nailed it all. This issue was a wonderful payoff to the previous two more talk-heavy issues that focused solely on Peter and mostly Harry. Because things are going so well for the two and Harry is amazingly confident in his mission, we forget about the dangers awaiting them. Well, that hits quickly as the two are overwhelmed by an enhanced Kingpin. Great fight sequence, and as Glenn said, Harry is clearly willing to go further than Peter is. It is this subtle nugget that was worked in seamlessly that helps make this book so good. Jonathan Hickman is doing the work of his career with this book. He’s planned out every minor detail as he does in all his books, but this story is more down to earth and a simple story. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

The end scene was wonderfully done. It was a genuine moment handled in three pages. It said so much with so little. The banter between the two was genuine and showed the trust and respect in the relationship. And I’m a sucker for anytime that Peter gives someone a ride through the skies of New York.


Glenn: Checchetto is back and everything looks amazing. The fighting? Amazing. The characters? Amazing? The emotion? Amazing. Again even the smallest panels conveying the smallest moments are draw droopingly stunning.

Given his level of detail, it seems Checchetto might have to take occassional art breaks which I’m fine with AS LONG AS HE NEVER LEAVES. THIS IS YOUR LIFE NOW CHECCHETTO.

The ending like I said is brilliant and of course, well written but the beats in the art raise it to the special level it is. The final panel we’re lead up to ending on the caption that simply reads ‘You’re Spider-Man’ with an image of Spider-Man and MJ swinging together…brings me so much joy I can’t convey it properly.

Steve: As much as I loved the fill in art from David Messina, it is nice to have Checchetto back. This book is an absolute joy to look at. There was a subtle moment in the final three pages that show his excellence and dedication to detail. As an artist, Checchetto must be the director of the action. Not just what they are doing, but how they act, their facial expressions, etc. There are two panels where he nails the interaction with MJ and Peter. As she questions him jokingly about being bitten by a “little spider,” the viewpoint is from slightly below as her head is cocked back. She believes him, but is playing a little game with him. It’s subtle, but perfect. It happens again when talking about a codename. There is another panel, where her head is playfully cocked at a downward angle, as she let’s him know that “I most certainly do” want to see the costume.

Writing this now I think, “Well, that isn’t really extraordinary, right?” Actually, I think it is. So many talking heads are very straight forward. They progress the scene just fine, but do not add nuance to the conversation. Those little details sell the relationship between Peter and MJ. It’s just one more aspect that makes this one of the best books on the shelf.



Another fantastic issue. This reminds me why I adore this character every issue. As a great man once stated Nuff said.

Five webshooters

Steve: What Glenn said. 5 webshooters

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