Episode 116- Dermot Kennedy, Joji, Project Renegade, Fire from the Gods, Flogging Molly and Sandman

Metalhead Mundy and Foggy discuss new releases by Dermot Kennedy, Joji, Project Renegade, Flogging Molly, Fire from the Gods and the Stas Lenin Band. nFor Stas Lenin Band video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxXOIDZbmSY

Beauty In Chaos' Michael And Tish Ciravolo Stop By

Michael and Tish Ciravolo stop by to talk about Beauty in Chaos’ new record Behind the Veil. They talk about their collaborations with Elena Alice Fossi, Whitney Tai, Pinky Turzo, Cinthya Hussey and Betsy Martin. They also discuss the recording industry and being an independent artist.

We tackle 80s songs and Drum Intros

On Episode 81, we reminisce about 80s songs, Gathering Dust- Modern English, Subdivisions- Rush, Amadeus- Falco, Tempted- SqueezenRock You Like a Hurricane- Scorpions, She’s Like the Wind- Patrick Swayze, Burn in Hell- Twisted Sister, When Dove’s Cry- Prince, Rocky training montage and Nu Shooz I Can’t Wait. We also choose our favorite drum intros.

Michael Ciravolo joins the crew to discuss his latest record- Out of Chaos Comes

Episode 79- The Wanderings crew invites Beauty in Chaos curator Michael Ciravolo back to discuss his remix album “Out of Chaos Comes.” We discuss the industry and many of his musical friends. You don’t want to miss this one.