Whitney Tai- Lexington

Whitney Tai

Written and performed by Whitney Tai.

Produced by Whitney Tai and Tim Janssens

Whitney Tai is an artist who transcends genre. Tai has grown through her own records: Metamorphosis and Apogee, while adding lyrics and vocals to Beauty in Chaos and Chuck Wright’s Sheltering Sky. Whitney Tai has a beautiful voice and more impressive presence. Both Michael Ciravolo and Chuck Wright saw this and added her to their own projects.

Tai is certainly one who can add to the works of others, but she is even more impressive on her own. Of course it would be easy to fall back on the success and following of others, but Tai is an artist- an artist with a voice. Her most recent offering is a prime example of this.

At the end of June, Whitney released a single called Lexington. We reviewed it here. Since that time, Ms. Tai has released a video for the song. Based on the lyrics from the song, I was a bit baffled. The song details her time in NYC, the big city. She focuses on places: the Cooper Hewitt, the MET, 70th and Lexington. The video, however, shows Tai walking through a park. Not Central Park. A simple park.

After a few views, it’s clear. While those moments in the big city impact a person, so do the quiet moments. While Tai no longer lives in NYC, the impact of those days live with her. Throughout Lexington, Tai reminisces about her time in NY. Each moment etched in her mind. Each moment a part of who she is now. I would imagine that she had no clue that those moments were important while she lived them, yet they have impacted the person she is now.

With introspection like that, the clear conclusion is that the small moments matter. And THAT is where this video shines in its juxtaposition. In the video, Whitney walks around with an old school microphone singing about Lexington. The background is sparse, as is the hustle and bustle of life here. While she may sing about NYC and the craziness that comes with that, this video is more about the quiet moments- those moments with family, friends and pets. In totality, all those moments that make up a person.

Lexington is a place, but it’s also a state of mind. Tai brilliantly uses her art, her skill, her vision and her talent to make a point about life. We are a sum of our parts- embrace and celebrate them. If you don’t believe me, head over to Lexington!

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