Superior Spider-Man 8 and Spectacular Spider-Men 4 Reviews

WebShooters- Spider-Man

Superior Spider-Man Creators: Story- Dan Slott, Pencils- Mark Bagley, Inks- John Dell, Colors- Edgar Delgado, Letters- VCs Joe Caramagna


Glenn: So here we are, the big finale! This is bringing in elements from the previous Spider-Man volume and bringing us full circle back to the Empire State building when this story was first seeded which is a nice touch.

I thought it was clever how Otto was positioned to help defeat himself by Anna-Maria pulling the wool over his eyes. It was a big finale that put all the pieces back where they should be with the hero coming out on top, but the window just slightly enough ajar to explore some of the elements if anyone wishes to later on. I think overall, this book and the previous Spider-Man was really good. Slott’s done better Spidey stories, but this was a nice little swan song if this ends up being the last word he has on a Peter Parker focused ongoing.

I’m hoping to see Supernova and Anna-Marie pop up elsewhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if Slott uses one or both in Spider-Boy, I think the latter character is especially too good to be left gathering dust, but we’ll see.

Steve: I agree, Glenn, this was a fantastic finish. I was slow to come around after the first few issues; I felt that there was no reason to re-visit this concept. I was wrong. There was room for another story, and a great story we got. I was really pleased that Anna-Maria was the one who saved the day. She has been a wonderful addition to Spider-lore and her affect on Otto is ripe for storytelling. In the end, after saving the day, Otto has forgotten his time as Spider-Man and Supernova flies off to do who knows what. Both stories are waiting to be written.

  • One interesting note- in the same week that Otto loses part of his memory, at least the part where he was Spider-Man, Lex Luthor lost his memory as well over in Superman. Both plugged themselves into a huge computer to save everyone. Marvel and DC always seem to be in sync.



After he finished this issue, I imagine Bagley calling Marvel and being like ‘What’s next? Not Spider-Man, ANYTHING BUT SPIDER-MAN’. He does a great job as usual. Some great expressions and close ups here, especially on Anna-Marie when she’s doing her best Otto impression.

Great action as usual. Nothing really new to say here.

Steve: I honestly can’t imagine Bagley not drawing Spider-Man. He has to have drawn more Spider-Man issues than any other Spider artist. And I doubt it’s close. There were times through the years that felt like Bagley phoned it in. The art looked rushed. Here, it’s really sharp! He most certainly is on top of his game. He excels at action. One particular page with Anna Maria putting on her “bee keeper suit.” She is rushing forward with beautiful foreshortening breaking free from the panel. It’s spectacular.


Glenn: This issue pulled off a lot of threads and did it well. Again, Slott has done better, but that’s a high bar. Overall I’m just glad he got to do one more runaround with this concept in a way that was still different and engaging.

4 Webshooters

Steve: I concur with you, my friend. Great series and nicely landed ending. 4 Webshooters

Spectacular Spider-Men Creators: Writer- Greg Weisman, Penciler- Humberto Ramos, Inks- Victor Olazaba, Colors- Edgar Delgado, Letters- VCs Joe Caramagna


Glenn: Our favourite Spider-Men break out of their little fantasy worlds and take the fight to…each other?! Oh dear. I’ve also lost count how many times Peter has lost a family and just carries that trauma like it’s no big. Also, I’m wonder if this little plot about Miles having feelings for Kamala is something that might be explored? Spider-Man has a history of soap opera drama!

There’s some great scene’s here with the villains scrambling to defend. I love the reveal of the financial backer. It makes sense and makes a villain who is often passed over as a joke a big deal. Elevating this villain always works well, so we’ll see how it shakes out here!

The pace is fast, but the moments land when needed. Looking forward to the final part of the story!

Steve: The worst part of this issue was that Glenn called it from the beginning. Well, I did some prognosticating back in issue 2– it was brought up by the folks in the shop as well. Who is the burned corpse? Who is Seymour? We shall see if I’m right in later issues, but for now, Glenn has me 1-0 in this series.

This is most certainly a fun issue. Very fast paced, lots of action, lots of feeling, a great reveal, and a sprinkle of Spider humor. Beneath the major moments that Glenn mentioned was a minor happening that sprouted from a seed planted back in issue 1. Weisman played the whole ‘wanting to be a regular at a coffee shop’ bit for humor in the beginning, but it came back in a plot point this issue as the supporting characters reported to a detective that Peter and Miles, among a few others, were conspicuously missing. The detective will discover the identity of the corpse and even me up with Glenn:)


Glenn: Ramos is doing great Ramos things, as always. He can do deeply personal and emotional or big scale action pieces. Can’t fault the art department on any Spidey book.

Steve: Ramos is brilliant and no one does better Spider action than he does. And what’s more, Ramos does a wonderful job using the eyes of both Spider-Men to convey their emotions. It’s truly brilliant. Like Bagley, he is a master Spider-Man storyteller.


Glenn: With Superior going into the sunset, this is now the best in-continuity Peter led book and it has Miles too, added bonus! Weisman and Ramos continue to deliver in spades! 4.5 Webshooters

Steve: Great story and art here. I hope it concludes soon so it doesn’t overstay its welcome. As for now- 4 Webshooters

Come back next week for more Spider action.

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