Celebrity Big Brother Round Two Recap and Power Rankings

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If there’s one thing we learned from the first cycle of Celebrity Big Brother 3, it’s that these celebrities are here to play just as hard as the regular houseguests. Well, most of them. After a chaotic first episode that saw Meisha
Tate being crowned the first Head of Household, we knew things were going to get crazy – but we didn’t know how crazy.

The first week of Celebrity Big Brother was defined by shifting alliances and targets, in a way we haven’t seen since the madness of Big Brother 19. Teddi Mellencamp was the early target, having tried and failed to secure safety for herself before dropping out of the challenge. Two core alliances formed quickly – Formation, which was led by Carson, Cynthia, Toddrick, and Shanna and later expanded to include Teddi and Mirai. But at the same time, Meisha was forming her own alliance of more athletic contestants – including Toddrick and Mirai, who were quickly double-dealing.

And that was one of the key things that set things in motion this week – people gaming too hard, too fast. After Mirai was caught shuffling information back and forth between the two sides and got caught by Toddrick, Meisha shifted the target from Teddi to her – and needed a pawn. That was chosen to be Carson, who everyone thought was too likable to be voted out. Except that Toddrick knew that, and was quickly talking to people about whether it might be an opportunity to snipe him early.

But it wouldn’t be Celebrity Big Brother – or any Big Brother – without a twist throwing the game for a loop. It turned out to be the bizarre hat/purse that Todd “won” by sitting out the HOH competition, and it led to a safety-chain competition where one by one the contestants passed the hat to each other. The last person to receive the hat would win safety for the week – and it turned out to be Cynthia, who was in no danger anyway. But the houseguests were warned that there would be a second, darker twist to the hat later in the week.

The veto gave me good vibes for this season, as it was a challenging puzzle involving solving a text puzzle around scheduling and placing flags in the right order. While Lamar timed out and Toddrick and Mirai struggled, Carson ran away with the challenge, winning it in less than half Meisha’s time. He was safe for this week – but had become the biggest target in the house.

With things in flux, Meisha cut a deal with Mirai and shifted the target back to Teddi, who wound up on the block and campaigned hard to stay. But it was all going to be irrelevant shortly, as the contestants were told live that they had to play another safety chain game with the hat – this time, with the last person to receive the hat being put on the block automatically and having to remove one of the two nominees. This is a ridiculous twist and puts a lot of the game out of the hands of the HOH – but it certainly was entertaining to watch.

It was Todd who wound up on the block, capping a week where he voluntarily gave up the chance at power, and he barely seemed to be even campaigning to stay. But in the end, the alliance lines were set and Teddi was sent home in a 5-3 vote, seemingly firmly putting Meisha’s block in control of the game.

But it would all depend on who took control of the game next.

Spoilers for Sunday’s Episode of Celebrity Big Brother 3 Below

Celebrity Big Brother Round Two Head of Household – Chris Kirkpatrick

So the N’Sync veteran has taken control of the game, and Meisha’s group maintains control. Who’s in danger this week?

Below, the Celebrity Big Brother 3 round two power rankings.

  1. Meisha – Not only is she safe this week, but Chris will likely be heavily relying on her to help determine his moves.
  2. Lamar – He’s a messy player, but as one of the game’s athletes, there’s no reason for Chris to target her now.
  3. Shanna – She flipped towards the athletes in the vote, despite not really being in their alliance. I don’t think anyone sees her as a threat right now.
  4. Todd – After having the week from hell last time, I expect he’ll slip under the radar.
  5. Toddrick – Toddrick played harder than anyone else last week, and is still juggling two alliances. He should be safe – if he can keep it together.
  6. Cynthia – As a member of the alliance on the outs, she could easily be on the block – but I think there are bigger fish to fry.
  7. Carson – Hands down the biggest target in the game, but I don’t think Chris K wants him out as much as his alliance-mates do.
  8. Chris Kattan – He continues to play under the radar and doesn’t seem to have any alliances. He makes for an inviting pawn, and pawns can go home very easily.
  9. Mirai – I’m not sure exactly what happened here, but apparently she and Kirkpatrick had an ugly fight early in the game that nearly made him quit the show. While she briefly had an alliance with Meisha, I don’t think it’ll be enough to save her from being target #1 this week.

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