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Celebrity Big Brother is here, with the entire crazy season playing out in less than a month. And with only a one-hour premiere tonight, we didn’t get too much information to prove if our first impressions were right or wrong. Much of the first hour was just introducing the eleven celebrities, mostly narrated by Queer Eye veteran and regular reality TV mainstay Carson Kressley, who was first in the house.


So what do we know? Each of these eleven contestants seems here to play – mostly. A surprising number seem to be Big Brother superfans who take the Celebrity Big Brother game seriously. We had some reality TV mainstays, some athletes, and some people whose stardom days are well behind them. But the episode was half over by the time everyone was in the house and had gotten their required introduction segment, which meant there wasn’t much gaming tonight.

So what was there? Carson and Toddrick wasted no time forming an alliance with former Real Housewife Cynthia Bailey and model/tabloid mainstay Shanna Moakler. The two strongest women in the house, MMA fighter Miesha Tate and figure skater Mirai Nagasu, seemed like immediate outsiders as the only two contestants to not be familiar to the reality TV Community. Todd Bridges, as the oldest contestant, just seemed to be there to have a good time, as did NBA superstar Lamar Odom. Both men have had near-death experiences, which might give them a different perspective. On the other hand, former SNL comedian Chris Kattan seemed to be struggling to find his social footing.

It seemed like a fun cast, but for most of the first episode it really just seemed more like Celebrity Family Reunion than Celebrity Big Brother, with some even commenting that everyone was getting along too well. So it was naturally time for a challenge and time to crown the first Head of Household – but first there was an odd twist. Someone had to sit out the endurance challenge, playing master of ceremonies while everyone else battled it out in a tough test of balance. Todd, having no chance at winning, chose to sit out, but it’s still a weird twist that kneecapped someone’s game immediately for no purpose. But a post-challenge twist may offer some redemption with a hidden power – it wouldn’t be Celebrity Big Brother or any other BB without some weird twists.

The challenge played out in less than half an hour, but still delivered some serious drama. As the ropes pulled the contestants in all directions, some fell quickly – Chris Kattan fell in less than two minutes. The challenge was mostly dominated by two women, Miesha and Mirai, but when Mirai unexpectedly fell in fourth place, Miesha was left to negotiate with Toddrick and Teddi. She quickly promised the viral superstar safety – but was a little more hesitant with Teddi, who nonetheless fell shortly and left the MMA fighter as the first Head of Household.

So what does this mean? We don’t know much about how Miesha will play Celebrity Big Brother yet. She seems to be highly competitive, be sizing her fellow women up as threats, and doesn’t have many alliances yet. With no feeds yet, the first power rankings will be a guessing game more than anything.

But that never stopped us before! Below, the power rankings for cycle one of Celebrity Big Brother Season Three.

Head of Household – Miesha Tate

  1. Toddrick – As the only clear ally Miesha has, he’ll not only be safe, he’ll likely have some impact in steering the week.
  2. Cynthia – A close ally of Toddrick’s, she’ll have his protection. Plus, I doubt Miesha will want to start her game by targeting the only Black woman.
  3. Shanna – Unless she gets into some serious drama early, I don’t think she’ll be seen as a big threat and is in Toddrick’s alliance.
  4. Carson – Probably the most vulnerable of Toddrick’s alliance simply because he’s playing hard, but I think he’s smart enough to pull focus away from himself.
  5. Todd – I don’t know if he’s got much game sense yet, but he earned some goodwill by sitting out the challenge. He’s not likely to be a target, but he could be a pawn.
  6. Lamar – As probably the biggest name in the house and a huge physical threat, I could see him being an inviting target, but Miesha may respect him as a fellow athlete.
  7. Chris Kirkpatrick – The better off of the house’s two Chris K’s, he’s laying low as a charming bro-type right now. But as one of the only strong-looking guys in the game, it could be inviting for Miesha to take a big shot immediately.
  8. Mirai – She went toe-to-toe with Miesha in the challenge and doesn’t have too many ties to the other celebrities. While she’s a big target, she’s also fairly likable and that may save her if she’s a target.
  9. Teddi – She has a bit of a bad reputation in Hollywood, and Miesha seemed to be cagey with targeting her right away. If she gets paranoid this week, she could become an easy consensus boot.
  10. Chris Kattan – He’s a funny guy, but his troubled past and physical issues make him a wild card. Of the whole group, he’s the one I’m not sure has it physically and emotionally in him to go the distance.

Steve: Ray is spot on here. I originally picked Meisha to win the whole thing, but I’m not sure dominating the first competition and alienating one of the cast members already was a good move to her long game. At this point, there is only one true alliance in the house. Meisha will likely not be their target early since she is saving Toddrick this week. However, she will need to form a good alliance moving forward or she will be an easy target as a strong competitor. The Thursday and Friday shows should help identify the power rankings going forward.

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