Celebrity Big Brother Round Three Recap and Power Rankings

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Things move fast in the Celebrity Big Brother house, and after we saw Teddi Mellencamp become the first person evicted, it was time for the power to shift. Chris Kirkpatrick took control of the game in a potato-themed throwing competition, and quickly set his sights on one target.

Something went on behind the scenes in the first week of Celebrity Big Brother, and everyone involved has been rather tight-lipped about it. We know that Chris Kirkpatrick nearly left the game abruptly, and we know he has an intense dislike for skater Mirai Nagasu. When he took power, he was part of an alliance with Todrick Hall and previous HOH Meisha Tate, but it soon became clear they didn’t exactly align anymore. Todrick and Meisha were pushing – a little too hard – for him to target Carson Kressley and his alliance. But Chris only wanted one person out

It wasn’t a big surprise when Mirai wound up on the block. It was a bit of a surprise when eccentric cake-gobbler Chris Kattan wound up next to her, with Chris’ gambit being that he was both an unlikely person to be voted out but an easy vote should Mirai win veto. As the veto drew nearer, neither nominee seemed to have much fight in them, and the veto brought that most dreaded of Celebrity Big Brother tropes – product placement.

The veto competition was surprisingly a quiz game, but it was also a memory competition themed after the upcoming romantic comedy Marry Me. The contestants had to pick the right sign out of a crowd on screen, with Toddrick hoping to force Chris to make a change to the nominations. In the end, Toddrick and Shanna tied, Shanna won the tie-breaker, and decided not to make any changes to the nominations.

And that’s when things got even weirder. At the eviction ceremony, Mirai begged to stay in the game, the perpetually exhausted Kattan said he was ready to leave – and then the house voted 7-0 to evict Mirai. Her awkward speech where she called everyone in the house so much older than her didn’t help, but there are an odd edge to the house’s interaction with her that I can’t quite figure out. Hopefully Celebrity Big Brother can take on a lighter tone now that this odd subplot is over with.

But if the house was hoping for a power shift, they would have to keep waiting. The feeds have been off for most of the week, but this Wednesday’s episode saw a hilarious competition that had the contestants speed-stripping out of ski outfits while trying keep three buttons pressed. Several were completely incompetent at it, but Carson Kressley gave it a game effort. However, he was outstripped by the younger, athletic Toddrick and Meisha – the latter of whom won her second Head of Household.

And with that, the power rankings for the fourth round of Celebrity Big Brother.

  1. Todrick – It doesn’t take much to see that he’s essentially co-HOH this week and the two of them are in simpatico.
  2. Lamar – They seem to want to keep the athletes together, and while he isn’t as strong in challenges, it’s unlikely he’ll be a target.
  3. Shanna – The only person perfectly playing the middle of the house right now.
  4. Todd – He’s not really making an impact at the moment and should sail through for a few more weeks.
  5. Chris Kirkpatrick – He and Todrick clashed a lot, and he’s seen as a big threat. If things break the wrong way, he could be a target.
  6. Cynthia – While she’s Carson’s closest ally, I also don’t think she’s the seen as the biggest threat at the moment.
  7. Chris Kattan – While he’s chaotic fun, he also seems to want to quit. If Carson is safe, he might just become a consensus boot.
  8. Carson – It’s likely win – or have an ally win – or go home for the Queer Eye dynamo this week.

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