Superior Spider-Man #3 Review

WebShooters- Spider-Man

Superior Spider-Man #3 Creators: Writer- Dan Slott, Pencils- Mark Bagley, Inks- John Dell, Letterer- VC’s Joe Caramagna



It’s the buddy comedy none of us expected, but we’ve always wanted with Spidey teaming with Doc Ock to save Anna Marie and the city. This issue largely focuses on Peter cosplaying as the ‘Superior’ Spider-Man with some wonderful deep cuts to many classic tales both old and new.

Given how many big scale stories he’s given in his years at Marvel, it’s easy to forget how funny Dan Slott’s writing can be and that’s on full on display here. There’s a mix of great action, comedy, tension and even small character moments. Are the moments where Otto does seem to show some decency all part of a plot or genuine? It’s hard to tell, but that ambiguity adds instead of detracting.

I love the part where Peter goes all Doc Brown Back To The Future Part II with his whiteboard of what happened during the original Superior era. It just displays how insane these stories are when you concise them in such a manner. Any longtime Spidey fan will for sure have geeked out at all the Final Chapter (the original Lee/Ditko one) references.

The shocked Pikachu reaction Peter has at the end is great and is a compelling cliffhanger. I would wager Peter has set up some mental barriers to making sure the whole ‘taking over my body’ business doesn’t happen again but we’ll see!


This issue was indeed funny. Peter attempting to pull off the ol’ Doc Ock braggadocio was hilarious and well played. Peter was all in, smacking his lackies and calling the henchmen “dolts.” Sometimes, an issue like this can come across as a bit too slap-stick and takes from the story (see Rek-Rap), but here, the comedy and the team-up works. Seems as though villain team-ups are running rampant through the Spider titles. See Amazing Spider-Man for a team-up with Tombstone.

I’m do not go as deep as Glenn on Spider-Man lore, but I am very familiar with Amazing Spider-Man 33. It is one of the best drawn and illustrated stories in all of comics. Spider-Man pushes himself to the extreme to save Aunt May. The sequential art in that issue is phenomenal and doesn’t feel like an “old” comic. The fact that issue 33 was referred to here let’s us know that Slott is building upon what has come before. Something Spider-Man fans will appreciate, I’m sure.

I’m not as quick to dismiss the ending as Glenn. I surely hope he is right and Doc Ock does not actually take over Spidey’s body again, but alas, Superior Spider-Man is the title. It’s possible that Ock could steal his body and return it peacefully, showing growth by Ock. Wouldn’t be a ton of fun, but the better of the two options. Not loving the ending, but I will hold off to see what Slott has up his sleeve.



I actually thought Bagley’s art looked a little different here, but couldn’t quite determine why. I don’t think we’ve had any changes in terms of inker or some such, but maybe it’s because he’s drawing stuff that’s a little different. He’s probably grateful to draw something even slightly different as I’m sure he has nightmares of Spider-Man chasing him at this point.

Much like his Amazing Spider-Man peer, it’s difficult to say anything new or interesting about Bagley’s work on Spidey. By now, everyone knows what they’re getting, and I personally think it’s hard pressed to find anyone who can do it better.


I can think of a few that I would prefer here ,Glenn. Ramos is always a solid choice and I would add Chris Bachalo and Mike McKone to the list. Maybe even Juan Ferreyra who is doing excellent work on Spine-Tingling Spider-Man. That said, Bagley is always good. I don’t have any stats, but I would imagine between 616 proper Spider-Man titles and Ultimate Spider-Man, he has drawn more Spidey than anyone. He is great here again.


Glenn: 5 Webshooters With such a great mix of all the things, callbacks to the past, high energy and a great cliffhanger it doesn’t get much better in terms of Spider-Man comics.

Steve: 4 Webshooters Enjoying this, but hoping there is something new to say.

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