Amazing Spider-Man 42 Review

WebShooters- Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man Creators: Writer- Zeb Wells, Pencils- John Romita Jr., Inks- Scott Hanna, Colors- Marcio Menyz, Letters- Joe Caramagna



After the action heavy 41, we get a pause to progress the story quite a bit here. I think this is a good balance in a way to have the action and exposition split up. Optimally, a superhero comic should have both, but I don’t think this run makes too much of a habit of it.

There’s a lot of licking wounds and moving players off/across the figurative gang war chess board. I think the highlight of the issue is a verbal stand-off between Beetle and Madame Masque, I think the scene is engaging and is kind of reminiscent of how in past times, leaders of armies would meet to try and talk out a solution before the battle commenced.

We have our issue end with it all about to kick off West Side Story style so next issue is looking to be a big epic battle with New York caught in the middle. It looks like the Spidey team will have to scramble to save the day, but I guess we’ll find out next issue!


Glenn is correct, this issue picks up the threads from last issue and lays some context on it. They went heavy on the father-child angle of the series. Fisk goes out of his way to save the Rose and then steps out of the story. Tombstone continues to work behind the scenes with Spider-Man and She-Hulk to ensure no harm comes to his daughter, the Beetle. I think the story would have more weight if Count Nefaria hadn’t been take off the board so early (Masque’s father). That would have given us a triangle of fathers and children. Anyway, Madame Masque and the Beetle have a great conversation about being the child of someone who is a bad guy. It was a bit posturing, but also laying why they do what they out there for each other and the reader. Both are convinced they will do what it takes to become the new “Kingpin” of all of New York.

I truly hope that the Kingpin is lying about stepping out of the story. If he does not play into the end of this, it will be a missed opportunity.



Just basically the same as this whole story. Romita JR has done a great job and is more than able to balance the high octane action of last issue and the slower/more tense personal nature of issues like this. I can’t imagine many people who could have done a better job that Marvel has in their artist box.


Oh Glenn, Glenn, Glenn, I can think of a lot of artist who could have done a better job. Romita excels at big action. His character work pales in comparison. I’ve stated it many times that his faces are just off- too much angle and odd cheek bones. The saving grace in this issue is that Spidey and Madame Masque are masked most of the time. One other minor quibble is the page with Spidey and She-Hulk jumping off a building. The Spidey pose is odd with his hands in an odd, elevated position with strangely hunched shoulders. Maybe I’m picking here, but it looked bad.


Glenn: 3.5 Webshooters because I’m not getting paid and I can do what I like. (I’m deducting half a webshooter for Gleen’s insolence) We’re gearing up towards the final conflict which was likely be followed by an epilogue issue. It\s a very good issue that balances well with the last part.

Steve: 3 Webshooters

Next time: Finale of Gang War at Wanderings and Woolgathering.

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