Rush Top 25 Songs


Last week, I picked my top five Rush albums , and there is no stopping now. This week, I am picking my top 25 Rush songs. It’s a huge task, but I am here to generate some talk and show some of you just how wrong I am.

For a fun twist, fellow Rush fan Alan Tiresias is joining me. He politely called out my top five list last week and added his own.

So, it seemed only right to add him to the fun. Without further ado, Rush Top 25 songs.


Steve: How It Is – Fantastic song from Vapor Trails- a bit of a folksy song with a cool bass line. I use it for inspiration. A little imagination can take me from how it is to how it ought to be.

Alan: Bravado-Lifelong advice!!!


Steve: Bastille Day – Powerful Rush song. I love the allegory here using an historical event to teach us a lesson for the present day: “guide the future by the past.”

Alan: War Paint-teenage advice


Steve: Bravado – I love this song for the message, “we will pay the price, but we will not count the cost,” and I love the complex, yet more subtle drumming.

Alan: Mystic Rhythms-love the drums


Steve: Red Sector A – An emotional song inspired by Geddy’s mother’s experience in a concentration camp. The source alone makes this one unique, but as usual, Peart is non-specific enough to be about anyone in that situation.

Alan: Middletown Dreams-Did they get out of Middletown?


Steve: Losing It – Heartbreaking song about aging out of what you were once good at, but are now unable to do. As I age, I can see this much more differently than I did when it came out. Plus, it has a nod to Hemingway. You can’t beat that.

Alan: The Trees-Was used in my undergraduate philosophy class


Steve: Mystic Rhythms – This is a unique Rush song, often overlooked. I love the philosophy of this one. The grandeur of nature and our connection to it if we let it happen. It has a cool, funky beat with the keyboards so plentiful at that time.

Alan: Red Sector A-One of my favorite songs from my favorite album


Steve: Fly by Night – Absolute classic. I imagine that most fans have this one much higher than I do. Great song for sure, just not my favorite.

Alan: YYZ– Heavy chops


Steve: Jacob’s Ladder – great song depicting a natural phenomena. I love the build up, bass line and pay off in this 7 minute song with sparse lyrics. The imagery of the clouds preparing for battle before the rays peaking through is brilliant.

Alan: Red Barchetta– Another great song with visualization

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