Rush Top 25 Songs


Steve: Tom Sawyer – This one comes as no surprise. It could be in the top five. I think due to overexposure, it fell down my list a little bit. Not fair, but it is what it is.

Alan: By-tor and the Snowdog – Showing off the chops


Steve: Cygnus X-1 Book 1 The Voyage and Book 2 Hemispheres – I kind of cheated by putting these two together, especially since they appeared on different albums. This pair is vintage Rush- amazing prog rock, meandering all over but maintaining that main through line while telling a compelling story of heart and mind.

Alan: The Garden – Wisdom of age


Steve: The Garden – This one was such a surprise for me on Clockwork Angels- just a beautiful conclusion to the novel, and even more to the career of Rush. I love that this one is the conclusion; Neil leaving us with parting words of taking care of those around us by tending our gardens. Absolutely gorgeous.

Alan: One Little Victory – I got goosebumps the first time I heard it…welcome back Neil!


Steve: YYZ – Brings me back to the Toronto airport every time and the amazing trip I had there. I love the opening pan effect as the chimes bang out the morse code for YYZ. Prog rock instrumental at its best. I listen to this one at least once a week.

Alan: Distant Early Warning – 1980s time capsule


Steve: Analog Kid – Absolutely love this one. Along with Subdivisions, deals with the restlessness of youth- such a cool 1-2 punch to begin Signals. I go back to this one a lot. I just pull down my baseball cap and get after it.

Alan: Vital Signs – Used in my psychology class in college!


Steve: 2112 – 2112 brought me to Anthem, which I loved. What a cool story put to music. I love the arrangement here with the song being divided into parts. The Discovery is one of my favorite parts of any song.

Alan: Camera Eye – NYC and London – great use of elements of language


Steve: Xanadu – One of my favorites live. This song inspired me to dig Into Samuel Taylor Coleridge. I went on to fall in love with Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Christabel. Xanadu has the build up and the high flying vocals that were so awesome in the 70s. This one is perfect!

Alan: La Villa Strangiato – Tocata and fugue in d minor…..but Awesomer!!!!


Steve: Red Barchetta –This song has everything that makes Rush brilliant: super tasty rhythm section, excellent guitar work and a fun, quirky concept that makes Rush songs unique. Let’s be honest, any of my top five could have been number one, but I had to pick one. This one fits the bill.

Alan: Xanadu– Middle child of genius between 2112 and Cygnus X-1, Book II – Grew up to be the leader

So there you have it, very different choices, but all brilliant songs by Rush. I would love to hear about songs that don’t appear here. What I love about Rush is that the songs hit us all differently. I’m sure that there are songs out there that I love but didn’t put in the Top 25 that you would put in the top 10. What are they and why?

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