Bend For Eleven- Rebel Day Review

Bend For Eleven

Move On

When I first heard Move On, I perked up quickly hearing Smashing Pumpkins’ Bury Me. Of course, the song clearly was not aping Bury Me and quickly veered from there, but I was hooked. After My Inner Sight, this is a welcome return to optimism.

“It’s a new day, you try for.

It’s a new chance, you fight for.

Live your own dream, or die for.

Got to move on…”

The singer here knows that all is not great or easy, but there is always a new day, another chance to make it. Move On also marks the most melodic chorus so far. It’s super catchy and mirrors the vibe of living for your dreams.


Freeman continues the theme of holding ones own destiny. Tsars sings that he can do what he wants and die where he wants. No matter the outcome, he will decide it. Outside of My Inner Sight, embracing ones own actions and fighting no matter what seems to be a clear theme. Freeman is a heavy guitar driven anthem, slightly less melodic than Move On, but equally as powerful. Bend for Eleven has embraced many styles to great effect.

Take Me Over

Take me Over begins with the chant “123 and take me over,” before getting into the main song groove. Again, Bend for Eleven is a bit of a chameleon here. This song is totally different than the rest in tempo. Tsars effortlessly sings the verse rapidly, nearly chant-like, before breaking into melodic chorus that rises and shows Tsars’ range. Take Me Over comes in at only 3:15. It’s peppy, hits hard and then gets out.


Evelyn is another poppy, guitar driven song. It’s a pop-punk gem, and the lyrics are indicative of a younger Matthew Sweet. The lyrics leave me in a tough place. Do I feel for this singer or question his obsession that no longer wants him. Hmmmm, not sure. But I am sure that this one is a rocker and would kill live.

Long Waitin’ Years

The final track on the album slows the tempo, and brings us back to a heavier groove. Wise choice to complete the album. Like the previous song, Tsars sings of love for someone. However, this one seems to be the opposite of Evelyn. Perhaps our protagonist is the problem in this scenario- he simply can’t outrun his past. Whatever the case, it’s another extremely catchy and listenable song. Nice album closer.

Rebel Day is the second album for Bend For Eleven. It shows great maturity. The key to this record is the consistency in its guitar driven sound, while remaining diverse in its tempo and rhythm. At times, Rebel Day is hard and in your face, while at other times, I want to sing along to the melody. Bend For Eleven has produced an excellent record that will remain on my playlist for quite some time.

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