Project Renegade- Order of the Minus

Project Renegade- Order of the Minus Review

Project Renegade:

Vocals: Marianna

Drums: Ody

Guitar: Nick K

Bass: Jay

Order of the Minus marks the first full length album from the Greek foursome. Formed by Marianna and Ody in 2014, they released three songs under the single title Cerebra in 2017. Order marks their most ambitious effort to date as Project Renegade (PR) comes out of the gates swinging with a seriously biting collection of songs. It’s interesting that a band in its relative infancy could produce an album this tight, aggressive, and musically diverse while delivering a clear consistent message of change, hope and desperation. And that is exactly what we get.

The Big Boss

The album opens with a speech explaining that the government is the most successful group of gangsters of all. It explains that children are identified as subversive or revolutionary and must be rounded up. I was unable to find the source of this speech, but it was profound, ominous and set the tone for the entire record.  The tricky part about opening with a spoken word track means that the following track must land with heft and continue the message while hooking the listener with musical precision. I’m reminded of Slipknot’s self-titled “the whole thing I think is sick” followed by the fan favorite “Sic,” or Iowa’s “515- death” followed by “People =Shit.” Clearly the bands are very different, but the formula is the same….if done correctly. 


Cleverly, Project Renegade opened Liber8 with warning sirens. The opening message is realized and the album begins to pulsate with aggression. Heavy guitar riffs ensue, occasional double bass drum kicks while Marianna sears our ears with beautiful soaring lyrics that bite with anger and rebellion. The message is clear in the chorus:

“Sick of the way we’re treated
We’re gonna rise against their lies and they will pay for everything”

It’s a song filled with melodic hooks, yet breaks frequently to remind us things are ugly. The most effective moment in the song takes place when the music drops away twice and Marianna sings:

“The reins of suffocation burn in every bone and vein”

“The tears for our salvation fuse all of our hate and pain”

Accompanying her haunting lyrics is a simple drum roll and snare drum giving a militaristic, marching feel. At this point, it is impossible not to take this song seriously.

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