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WebShooters- Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man Creators: Writer- Zeb Wells, Artist- Carmen Carnero, Colors- Marcio Menyz, Letters- VC’s Joe Caramagna


Glenn: This continues to be the oddest book on the market. Like, all the scene’s here are well written, but the majority are just based on stupid stuff. I don’t care about good Norman (especially since we all know he’s definitely going evil again) and evil Anna.

The scene’s are just so weird. Then we get a brilliant scene with Sandman which follows up on the interesting stuff that we’ve seen given his return to villainy/his reframing as a more complex character who does bad things but deep down doesn’t want to.

The different aspects of Sandman’s personality is a big callback to Wells Peter Parker Spider-Man 56 and 57 from 2003 where we literally had different versions of Sandman manifest physically. Its done much better here than there so there is gold here.

There’s just so much ODDNESS. Then we get the big reveal the Sinister Six is back. Again. An odd decision given Slott is overhauling Otto again in Superior. We’ll see if where that ends up and this ends up joins together but again, given editorial at Marvel.

Steve: I’m really struggling here. I am not the Spider-Man aficionado that Glenn is so I don’t always get call backs or easter eggs that would be obvious to folks like Glenn. What I do see here is a call back to threads Wells started with Norman that have produced very little fruit. It continues and adds nothing to the ultimate return of Green Goblin. C’mon, we know it’s coming. Peter also ties up a loose end with MJs aunt who was infected during the Krakoan business. Don’t care. We do have a wonderful interaction with Sandman, as Glenn pointed out. Not sure how that is going to fit in any time soon. Peter will soon be dealing with the fallout from Gang War ( see Web of Spider-Man) and fighting, ahem…get this….are you ready….yep, Peter will have to deal with the Sinister Six.

Seriously?!?!? Seems like the Six is a fall back when writers run out of ideas. Or, maybe it’s the ultimate for a Spidey writer so they all have to take a stab. Honestly, the tease bores me. It’s been done before, and if the writer’s resume on this run tells me anything it’s that it will underwhelm. Time will tell and I’ll be here for it….if for no other reason than to support my boy Glenn!


Glenn: We get the wonderful Carmen Carnero guesting on art for this issue and next. I think they might be only the second or third female artist to ever draw issues of Amazing Spider-Man (not counting backups) which is pretty mental. The only other female artist I can think who has drawn Amazing is Colleen Doran but there might be others but I’m not thinking of any….

Her art here is lovely. It reminds me a lot of Stuart Immonen, particularly the style he used in Superman: Secret Identity.

Carnero has been doing work for Captain’s Marvel and America for the last few years. I thought her work here was excellent and I think her talent deserves a big title like Amazing Spider-Man. However, she’s only here for a spell before helping relaunch the X-Men books, a shame as although I love the legends we’re getting across here, Superior and Sensational I would like some new blood too.

Steve: The worst part about this art is that Carmen Carnero is listed as guest artist, which means she won’t be around for long. Very smart move to put Carmen on this issue as it is a smaller, more personal issue- certainly not a strong suit of John Romita Jr. I, for one, am bummed she isn’t the main artist going forward. This issue is drawn beautifully. Carnero does an extremely great job with the facial gestures and posing. An issue that is very talk-forward can become stale. Here she varies the angles, point of view and posing to keep things fresh. It’s a shame we don’t get to see her do more Spidey action. I will definitely be on the lookout for more Carnero.


Glenn: The legacy renumbering apparently was doubled up. This issue and last had the same legacy number. I have no idea who is awake at the Spider-Man editorial office these days. Is it a big deal? Not really but given this is the biggest title (supposedly) of the biggest character (supposedly) of the biggest comic company in the world (supp…you get the idea) these little things happening are baffling.

Anywho, its a typical Amazing Spider-Man these days. Nothing horrendously eye bleedingly awful and nice art but just so DAMN WEIRD.

2.5 Webshooters

Steve: This book just seems to continue sputtering. The last arc limped to the end and finished where it started. The threads leading forward look no more inspiring. Art is the only thing that saved this issue.

2 Webshooters

Spectacular Spider-Men Creators: Writer- Greg Weisman, Pencils- Humberto Ramos, Inker- Victor Olazaba, Colors- Edgar Delgado, Letters- VC’s Joe Caramagna


Glenn: Its hard to believe this is the first ongoing team up book between Peter and Miles considering the latter has been in the main Marvel universe nearly a decade and how popular Spider-people team up stuff is these days, but here we are. Handling writing duties is Greg Weisman who is an animation legend. After building his reputation on Gargoyles in the 90s, he’s gone onto superhero shows like Young Justice and of course, most relevant here, Spectacular Spider-Man.

Most of his comic writing work is DC related and that’s mostly on stuff that adapts the cartoons he’s associated with. I always assumed like Paul Dini that he would be too busy to do anything steady otherwise he would be a solid hand for DC to have, but it seems Marvel has got them over on that one.

This first issue is mostly a fun, fast paced romp where Peter and Miles set up a weekly coffee get-together where they run into faces old and new. In terms of new faces, we have the debut of the main universe of Kenny ‘Kong’ who was a supporting character on Bendis Ultimate Spider-Man and for old, we see the return of Sha Shan. Sha was primarily a love interest of Flash Thompson and the last I remember seeing her was working on Flash with his psychical therapy after losing his legs during Brand New Day but before getting the Venom symbiote.

I always enjoy seeing old faces return and catching up to see where they stand now. We also see a cameo from Mr. Warren, the high school teacher who was established as the brother of Miles Warren, The Jackal by Kurt Busiek (I think) when Stan reused the same surname twice and didn’t address it himself (as was his way). This proves to be fortunate timing as the Jackal reappears and the Spider-boys team up to fight him. He’s larger than normal, a more physical threat than the cerebral one we’ve always seen and in fact only just popped in with over in Spine-Tingling Spider-Man.

I thought this was an impressive high octane first issue. It got the tone of nice character moments and action very well, and I thought it was an accessible and digestible issue for anyone who might be coming over to check out the book who isn’t overly familiar with the comics version of Peter and Miles but are a fan of them in say the Spider-Verse movies or the Insomniac games.

It sets up some interesting potential dynamics and a cool mystery to get us invested. I love the banter between both Spider-Man which when I informally talked this over with Steve a few weeks ago, he said he didn’t like how immature Peter came across. (This just in- Steve mis-read a comment by Miles. They were small and shadowed- hard to tell. It involved giggling over prophylactic. Glenn was correct. My bad.) Personally I think it’s perfectly in character for Peter to be the more hapless of the duo in social settings but hey.

Steve: After a re-read to determine who said what, Steve loved the issue. He thought it was well written and paced beautifully. And why is he writing in 3rd person? Who knows. Anyhoo, the beauty of this issue is the fun and comaraderie of Miles and Peter. They have some fun dialog as they get together to hang out while engaging in “arachnobatics.” Weisman handles the dialog while they are fighting beautifully. It pushes the narrative and works seamlessly as Spider-Man is typically a character that talks non-stop. The conversation about what to call each other is done particularly well.

I also enjoyed the smaller moments too where Peter yearns to be a coffee house regular. He is desperate to be called by name and recognized immediately for what he orders. Think Norm or Cliffy from Cheers. Weisman also provides some mystery and action with the Jackal here. Oddly, those happenings took backseat to the banter of Peter and Miles.

There were three interesting side stories, or “meanwhile” as they were called. I couldn’t see the connection in this issue so I assume that they are seeds: the courtroom liar, Shakespearean stage actor, and gondola love affair. Can’t wait to find out what happens.


Glenn: After a brief stop over with Doc Strange, Humberto Ramos is back on a Spidey book. Ramos has been drawing Spidey books for over two decades across various titles but is best known of course for drawing a good portion of Dan Slott’s decade long run on Amazing/Superior. I’d consider him one of the greatest Spidey artists ever personally and although his fluid, more animated style may not be for everyone, I’ve always been a huge fan.

Much like John Romita JR on Amazing and Mark Bagley on Superior, Ramos has done so much work on Spidey that he makes it look easy. His character scene’s are drawn with such energy he keeps them active and his action/fight stuff is excellent. He tends to draw both Spidey’s in unusual poses because of his style so that’s always a treat to see.

Steve: Humberto Ramos has always been one of my faves, all the way back to his work on Crimson. I’ve said it before, he is the perfect artist for Spidey. His hyper-style caters to the odd poses and movements of our arachnid-like friend. Olazabal’s inks compliment his work and the color pallette here works perfectly. This book feels super fresh but also like a trip back into some of my favorite issues on the Dan Slott run. Can’t wait for the visual treat again next month.


Glenn: I thinks its a bit odd to see the Jackal so soon after Spine-Tingling. I remember the days when Peter David couldn’t use Mysterio in Friendly Neighbourhood cause Smith had brought him back in Evil That Men Do. Given modern day editorial, its possible no one noticed. Not a big deal, just a thing that occurred to me.

Looking forward to see where this story goes. Nothing earth shattering yet but we’re only getting started and very promising

4 Webshooters

Steve: Very fun book and a reminder of what a Spider-Man book can be like. 4 Webshooters

Next time: Web of Spider-man

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