Amazing Spider-Man 44 Review

WebShooters- Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man Creators: Writer- Zeb Wells, Artist- John Romita Jr, Inks- Scott Hanna, Colors- Marcio Menyz, Letters- Joe Caramagna


Glenn: So sometimes when I read a story and review it, I talk about moments when the ending just kinda happens and it’s like ‘and now we’re done’ and that’s how this story felt. After Tombstone takes back control (to save his daughter in a fashion), the people on both sides start fighting on his side and Masque is taken down.

I felt in his own title, Spider-Man was shown a bit weak. He has to be saved first by Shotgun (why?) and Jackpot (ugh). We then get a nice scene between Peter and Randy followed by Tombstone reasserting his new (old?) position and saying that Spidey is in danger from unspecified things because of him owing a favor or some such (yayyyy).

So we end the story pretty much back where we started. It all feels very abrupt, like the story had to wrap up pronto because of some ticking clock the rest of us couldn’t see. I feel the ending really let this arc down after a great start. It wasn’t terrible but this issue story wise fits the theme for this run. It’s not bad all the time (although it has been) but mostly it just leaves you scratching your head as to why a story is told this way.

Steve: Fight scenes in comics are commonplace. They have been done beautifully and well orchestrated, as it was here. The problem is- there should be some major stakes at play or a dramatic change to the status quo. We really get neither here. At the end of last issue, Tombstone effectively ended the story by knocking his daughter out to save her. The bulk of issue 44 was a silly fight that went nowhere except back to where we began with Tombstone in charge. Nothing happened. 44 issues, lots of build up, seeds planted and it’s all wasted bringing us back where we began.

The event as a whole had some nice moments. The friendship of Robbie and Peter was explored and deepened here. The love of a child and father is front and center and pays off here as Tombstone does what is necessary to save his daughter, including teaming up with his enemy. The buildup of Madame Masque is really effective throughout the story…..until the end. It is all swept away in one silly fight. The tie-ins were actually pretty good, adding depth to a story that ultimately let those tie-ins down. This event is just another example of Wells’ entire run- some shining moments, but ultimately falling apart and missing the landing. I was hoping for a talent change, but that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. Oh well, at least there is Superior and Ultimate Spider-Mans to enjoy.


Glenn: I’m looking forward to taking a break from debating the quality of JRJR with my good pal Steve. He delivers everything in his usual JRJR way. You’ll either like it or you won’t. I did like it for the record.

He’ll be back for some Morbin time. Truly it is like he’s drawing the Mackie run again. I can’t wait for Jimmy-6 to come back (anyone that gets this reference gets to have Steve for a weekend).

Steve: Well, Glenn, you won’t hear any complaints from me about JRJr. He was by far the best part of this issue. JRJr is a sun compared to Wells depleted flashlight limping on its last minutes of illumination. As usual, Romita brings excellent action and great storytelling while struggling with faces, etc. He is consistent and Glenn likes him, so I will relax.


Glenn: 2 Webshooters- Bit of a let down but not terrible. It was just fine. It was like they just lost interest in the story more than anything.

Steve: 2 Webshooters- An event I really enjoyed at the beginning ultimate sputtered across the finish line and left us wanting much more….and at least some sort of change.

Next week, more Spider-Man at Wanderings.

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