What if Type O Negative Wrote “Master of Puppets”?

Earlier today, Type O Negative alum Sal Abruscato posted a link to this reinterpretation of the Metallica classic “Master of Puppets”. He shared his amazement at how close creator Denis Pauna resembles Peter Steele’s playing and vocal style in this version.

Sal writes “Hands down the closest I ever heard some one sing and play like Peter. This guys version of Metallica’s Master Of Puppets done in Type O Negative style is amazing.”

Denis plays close attention to detail, as he includes the common aesthetic elements that are synonymous with Type O Negative’s signature sound, including organ riffs, distorted bass, and low, drudge-like voicing and guitar harmony.

Denis’ YouTube Channel is filled with several versions and “what ifs” of tunes in various styles by many artists.

What do you think of of this version? Leave a comment below!

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