Ultimate Spider-Man #2 Review

WebShooters- Spider-Man

Creators: Writer- Jonathan Hickman, Art- Marco Checchetto, Colors- Matthew Wilson, Letters- VC’s Cory Petit


Glenn: So once again, we have a lot going on here. We have Peter figuring out how to Spider-Man (yes, that’s a verb) with some hilarious misfortunes at the hands of a new version of the Shocker. We have some great interactions with the Parker family, more information on MJ’s job, a wonderfully adorable moment with little May Parker and a reason for Peter choosing the colours more along the lines of the iconic costume we’re more familiar with.

There’s some great scene’s with our supporting cast too. I love this friendship with Ben and Jonah. It seems this version of Jonah is much more chill (more akin to the version in recent years after he found out who Spider-Man was. There’s also a great scene with Fisk freaking out that Spider-Man is on the scene. It seems that there’s some influence over him which will be interesting to dive into.

Meanwhile the Green Goblin watches from afar.

This issue had comedy, intrigue, great character moments and action too. This doesn’t read like Hickman at all and in my mind when this was announced I couldn’t imagine what a writer like Hickman could be like on Spider-Man but he’s delivering.

Steve: As Glenn said, this book is hitting all the right notes. It is not Hickman-like in that it is immediately understandable and I don’t need an encyclopedia to follow. (not an indictment, just a fact that Hickman books are HEADY) But, it is very Hickman-like in that there are layers to explore and each layer is getting proper time to gel and develop.

Crucial to Peter’s character is family and the fact that he is an everyman, like us. Here, Hickman gives us a lot of time developing Peter as a husband and especially as a father. His relationship with May is wonderful and heartfelt. I assume that the knowledge of who he is may come back to bite him, but we shall see. Further, his first days as Spider-Man have been fun. He has not warmed up quickly to the new powers and, man, is he gullible. The Shocker plays on his good nature to comedic affect that works very well in this book. Eventually, Peter will get it and a scene with the Shocker will have great payoff.

Of course, J. Jonah and Ben get a lot of time here. Their conversations help set the scene for Kingpin and the Green Goblin. As they speak about the mysterious person wearing green armor and terrorizing Fisk’s building, it’s like we are getting a news story. Kind of a clever play with the two of them being newsmen. Cut to Kingpin, we see that he is not the true boss, but a sort of puppet on a string.

This new Ultimate world is turning out to be exciting and fresh. I can’t wait to see Fisk try to make his move on his current “bosses.” I can’t wait to see what this Green Goblin is up to and why he is attacking Fisk. It will be cool to see J. Jonah and Ben take over the paper…..because it will happen:) And it will be fun to see how Peter factors into all of this. Right now, this book is clicking on all cylinders. In short order, Hickman has developed an intriguing story and is developing the characters completely without dragging down the narrative.


Glenn: Well Checchetto is doing some brilliant work. Even something as simple as MJ putting on her coat for work looks like some of the most stunning art you’ve even seen. Every panel is a feast for the eyes, creating an engagement even in the slower talky moments.

The action that’s here is great, the new designs are wonderful and Chechetto is delivering on the quiter moments like between Peter/May, Ben/Jonah and Fisk/his goons.

I can’t wait to see him drawing Peter in action in the more traditional costume where he will finally take down the Shocker to christen himself a proper history as he slowly starts to figure out what he’s doing.

This is the best a Spider-Man book has been since Chip Z finished his run. It’s not even close. This blew me away and I am drooling for issue 3 NOW.

Steve: Ok, Glenn, oh lover of JRJR, this is what a beautiful Spider-Man book looks like. Marco Checchetto is incredible. I have been a fan of his, especially for his work on Daredevil. He is made for books like this with street level heroes. There is a realism to his art that fits like a glove. His character action pieces move the story effortlessly through the panels. His small, character moments are real and show great skill at emotional story telling. His facial expression on May are priceless. He is clearly a director of the page. And finally, he does not skimp on background. Sometimes artists focus only on the subject in the foreground and leave the bacground sparse. Not here, every scene is fully developed.

Checchetto is at the top of his game and there is no better looking book on the stands.


Glenn: 5 Webshooters

Steve: 5 Webshooters This is the Spider-Man book we are looking for.

Next week- more Spider-Man at Wanderings and Woolgathering.

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