Spectacular Spider-Men 2 Review

WebShooters- Spider-Man

Spectacular Spider-Men Creators: Writer- Greg Weisman, Penciler- Humberto Ramos, Inks- Victor Olazaba, Colors- Edgar Delgado, Letters- Joe Caramagna


Glenn: A lot going on in terms of action and plot. This is another fast paced issue featuring our Spider-Boys fighting multiple Vermin Clones, trying to dig into a mystery or two and some other interesting things.

There’s also interesting ‘cutaways’ with people on dates with people that are spoken for, Turk punching out Daredevil and trips abroad. I thought maybe The Jackal was offering dates with people he was cloning, but now I’m thinking some sort of VR element. That brings to mind for me possible masterminds like Mendell Stromm, Arcade, Daniel Berkhart or Maguire Beck, but we’ll see.

It has my interest and how that links to cloning is going to be interesting to find out. Also, what’s the deal with the skeleton? So many questions! It’s a book with a lot going on but doesn’t feel overwhelming. I’m loving the coffee shop as a central hub for the characters and for some reason, it helps keep the book distinct from all the other Spidey books.

This Greg Weisman is going places.

Steve: Interesting that you mention the skeleton, Glenn. In the opening pages, there is a charred corpse from the lab of Miles Warren. One of the doctors from the lab shows up at the coffee shop. He didn’t order his usual coffee; this time he ordered a darjeeling tea, the known to be Miles Warren’s favorite. Hmmmm, could there have been a body switch. I guess we will find out when they uncover the identity of the mysterious corpse.

Of course that’s not the only mystery here. As Glenn reported, there are several “meanwhile” pages in which we find characters living their dreams. Too good to be true, obviously, but heightens the mystery of who is behind all of this. The answer will be found in the Arcadium, I suppose.

This issue was a joy to read. Mysteries aside, the dialog is sharp. The humor is natural. The flow and movement is effortless. Wonderful writing and partnership with the artist. I also liked the message delivered by Miles’ clone Shift and the vermin clones. It is not our fault why we are the way we are, but we must protect those who are treated poorly because of that. It is a nice message delivered by those who are different. Again, felt natural within the context of the story.



Ramos is doing great work as always. His kinetic and lively art matches the rapid pace of the book well. He’s able to draw a quiet romantic scene in Italy and a fight with multiple rat men in a sewer with equal skill.

I wish I had more to say. I always feel I’m saying more with the story, but when you’re reviewing every issue and the art is great I’m not sure what else to say.

Steve: I hear ya Glenn. Ramos is a master and one of my favorite Spider-Man artists. It’s no secret that I love how he draws Spidey, but the real treat here is that he gets to draw a lot of Vermin. He really excelled drawing monsters and all out craziness in the sewers.

I also really like the double page spread of the coffee shop. Lots of character moment. This piece of the story, the coffee meet up with Miles and Peter, is becoming a major part of the story. Giving it space is a great idea. It’s kind of similar to Central Perk in friends or “Restaurant” in Seinfeld. Fun to read.


Glenn: Another excellent issue in this very young series – 4 Webshooters

Steve: I concur- I love the mysteries in play and the wonderful chemistry of Peter and Miles. 4 Webshooters

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