Spider-Man Trifecta Review Week

WebShooters- Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man Creators: Writer- Zeb Wells, Pencils- John Romita Jr., Inks- Scott Hannah, Colors- Marcio Menyz, Letters- Joe Carmagna


Glenn: Two great issues in a row? Why it must be Christmas! A good mix of action and plot progression in this one. I think Tombstone in particular is being written really well. He’s basically throwing away everything he’s worked his entire life for in an attempt to save his daughter, but is it perhaps too late?

The pieces on our proverbial chess board continue to march onwards as we get an interesting new ‘King’ in play at the end. Its a shame that this was spoiled in solicits as it would have been a nice surprise, but that’s modern comics.

When it was announced that Zeb Wells was taking over Amazing solo I could never have predicted a crime centric story being his best work on the book, but here we are.

Steve: Getting a little tired here of agreeing with Glenn. I, too, did not have high hopes for this “event.” Wells’ run thus far had been pretty sketchy and inconsistent. Perhaps his work leading to this point is actually going to pay off. The star of the series is actually Tombstone. Wells has done an amazing job of making the reader relate to Lonnie through his love for his daughter. He goes to all lengths, including a team-up with Spider-Man, to make sure she comes to no harm. Wells is bringing in Kingpin and Typhoid Mary so things should really heat up.


Glenn: Again, John Romita JR is in his element. I’m not sure if he’s the one who designed Janice’s new Beetle suit, but its pretty cool looking even if it is pretty on the nose about her descent into darkness.

Its a treat to see him drawing the two characters at the end given that he co-created one of them and his dad co-created the other. His action pages are also great and I’m just loving every page in this story. I think this is his best work on this current era yet.

Steve: I’ve been pretty hard on JRJr so far. I don’t love his art, especially his facial work. Here, though, he is showing why he is a master stroy teller. His panel work and movement is fantastic. He is absolutely nailing the “city is blowing up” facet of this story. He has given Beetle a new suit, as Glenn mentioned. I, however, would have preferred she stay in her original costume. It makes her look younger and more innocent. It sells Lonnie’s motivation a little better.


Glenn: 4 Webshooters. Gang War is a treat. Let’s see if we can keep it up

Steve: 4.5 Webshooters I am absolutely loving this story.

Superior Spider-Man

Superior Spider-Man Creators: Writer- Dan Slott, Pencils- Mark Bagley, Inks- John Dell, Colors- Edgar Delgado, Letters- Joe Caramagna


Glenn: So things ramp up here too. Although Peter decided that changing back into his normal clothes would save the day, they very much haven’t. Luckily Anna Marie is on the scene….or is it?

As soon as we had the ol dependable ‘villain takes love interest/former love interest captive’ story beat I was like ‘ahhhhhh THIS is why we have THIS title on the book.

I’m VERY excited now to have Peter and Otto having to team up now for a common goal with the latter coaching the former on how to be more like the latter when they were the former (comics are a trip). I thought this issue was excellent, but I am SO excited for how this unlikely partnership will go.

Steve: Surprise Surprise, we get another Spider-Man team-up with a villain. It didn’t hit the same way that the team-up with Lonnie did in Amazing, since we are actually relating to him. I am enjoying this book, but I’m not feeling much of a connection to the villain, in any way. There simply isn’t much to grab onto. I get it, she wants to kill Spider-Man (Otto) I hope there is a twist that makes me care a little more.

For the good- I’m enjoying the inclusion of Anna Marie here. She is a wonderful character and has an interesting relationship with Otto and Peter. It will be interesting to see how she puts her stamp on this story. I am also liking the inclusion of Spider-Boy. Nice to see Peter mentoring a young Spider-Boy with all the worry and guilt that comes with it.


Glenn: I find it a struggle to really come up with new things to say about Bagley every review. Its odd to have two such seasoned Spider-Man artists STILL drawing books starring the character, but they do a damn great job.

I still think Bagley’s swan song on Spider-Man should have been life story and Marvel give him a new challenge, but his work is still as good as ever so I won’t complain much.

Steve: I agree Glenn. Bagley is fantastic and has been for a long time. My only issue with the art is the fact that I read it alongside two other Spidey books. The colors were a little darker and murkier here. I preferred Amazing and Spine-Tingling much more. Still great storytelling, so the story only suffered minimally.


Glenn: 4 Webshooters. The story is on the precipice of something special with where it seems to be going. We’re not quite there yet, but this was another strong part of what essentially is now a two part lead in to the return of the Superior Spider-Man (kinda).

Steve: 3 Webshooters

Spine-Tingling Spider-Man

Creators: Writer- Saladin Ahmed, Art/colors- Juan Ferreyra, Letters- Joe Caramagna


Glenn: Damn it, this book is great. It seems we’re at the solution, but not quite. There’s a strong mix of atmosphere to keep up the tension while some plot morsels are fed to us.

It doesn’t seem as if the ‘spoiler’ cover I feared is all that it seems as we get another player in this nightmare theatre Spidey finds himself in. Are we still accepting all we see though at face value? I’m not sure what to believe in regards to this story and I’m loving every second of it.

Steve: After lots of story twists and turns, it’s nice to start getting some payoff. It was a nice touch to tease us with Mysterio only to get yet another layer of evil. Not sure how I feel about Spidercide showing up again. Not terribly familiar with the character and he looks a little too much like Rek-Rap:) Thank goodness he doesn’t have a bad sense of humor. I’m excited to see how this one lands.


Glenn: Dear lord. The creepy factor and heavy atmosphere by Juan Ferreyra is just so strong here. I can’t think of many other artists that would make this book so otherworldly and dreamlike.

The image of where Beck is in particular makes me think I’m reading Hellraiser and not Spider-Man. It almost makes me feel sorry for Quintin, but he’s put Spidey through a lot of bs in recent years….

I can’t wait to see what horrors Ferreyra will inflict on my eyes next issue.

Steve: Can’t say much more than Glenn said and what we have said for the past two issues. Juan Ferreyra ia a master! He can go the simple, quiet moments to insane horror. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists.


Glenn: 4.5 Webshooters The series is SO GOOD. I want to give this a perfect score, but I’ m worried the last issue might drop the ball. I don’t think it will, but I’ll air on the side of caution. Its only perfect…

Steve: 4 Webshooters The art is special!

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