Thom Yorke's Anima And One Band Becomes Two Bands

Wanderings and Woolgathering is a group of friends discussing things under the entertainment umbrella with a focus on music past, present, and future.Lester Bangs Inspired Challenge – where one of the guys reads an album review from the past, and the others try to guess which band it is referring to.Challenge: If a band breaks up and forms two bands, what band would it be, and who are the members of each band?T-bags:Lincoln Park – Crawling: – Hollywood Whore: Unga – Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana cover): – I am the Law: – Domination: – Souls of Black: – The Philosopher: – Hangar 18: Factory – Archetype: Murphy – Touching the Earth: Young Lad – City: Mundy:Anthrax: Only (first single w/John Bush) Fight ‘Em Till You Can’t(Joey Belladonna’s triumphant return) review:Anima by Thom YorkeSpotify: To – Watching – Creating:T-bags:US by tiny deaths by Lewis del Mar of macklemore Wheel of Time Book 4: The Shadow Rising Slipknot Solway Firth: Contributor- articles for Chicago BlackhawksBreak the Fourth Contributor/Editor: – Evil: – Full Album: – Movie Trailer: Pedals VLOG: Mentions:T-bags:Jordis Unga additional performances:Man Who Sold The World (Bowie Cover): (John Lennon cover):–Evanescence Bring Me To Life: and Outro Music by justplainpaul © 2019 JPP Creative Media.

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