The Impact and Influence of Music

On this episode, we ponder the impact of music and musicians… We discuss Eminem and MGK… Again! And, we add a few points to the drinking game.Challenge Answers:Tbags:Louis ArmstrongWay Down Yonder in New Orleans (Live 1951)Spotify: the Saints Go Marching InYouTube: Ellington:New York, New YorkSpotify:’t Mean a ThingYouTube: Fitzgerald:Dream A LIttle Dream of MeSpotify: Holiday:All of MeSpotify: James:Stormy WeatherSpotify: History of Storyville in New Orleans:,_New_OrleansStevie D:Richard Wagner: Wars:Yoda’s Theme’s Theme Path Jasta Show: impact on Rock ‘n’ Roll: Waters – Manish Boy: Waters – The Blues Had a Baby, and They Named It Rock ‘n’ Roll: – EP by Machine Gun KellySpotify: Nostalgic Mention:The Fragile by Nine Inch NailsSpotify: To:Tbags:Figure It Out by Royal Blood (YouTube): It Out by Royal Blood (Spotify): by Tool (YouTube): Pumpkins – Solara: Pumpkins – Silvery Sometimes – Ghost Mentions:Tbags:Schism by Tool song & video: by Tool time signature changes: Machine by Fiona Apple (live): My Heart to Stone by AdeleSpotify: Network Soundtrack:Spotify: upcoming soundtrack news:Watchmen (series): 90s: Show notes contain links we find. If you have a more relevant link, especially one that would benefit the artist, please share to info@wanderingsandwoolgathering.comContact us at and Outro Music by justplainpaul ©2019 JPP Creative Media

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