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It’s a great week for Spider-Man comics. All three issues, even Amazing, were, well…. amazing this week. Ultimate Spider-Man is the best again this week so we will start there.

Ultimate SpiderMan Creators: Writer- Jonathan Hickman, Artist- Marco Checcetto, Colors- Matt Wilson, Letters- Cory Petit


Glenn: This book is incredible. Simply incredible. It’s funny, it’s charming, it’s thrilling. I had this big goofy grin on my face during all the scene’s between Peter and May, loved the continuing plot of Ben and Jonah at the Bugle investigating fix and then we have a whole fight with the Goblin, Spidey and Bullseye.

I wasn’t sure how Harry was able to override Peter’s suit. It’s like the technology is linked so could he have been given a suit by Tony too? On the Stew, I speculated that Tony could be setting up villains as well as heroes because for his plan to work, these people he is helping regain their destiny aren’t going to be much help if they haven’t got field experience. He maybe just didn’t expect Harry to play hero. We’ll see how long that lasts.

It’s interesting to think of Fisk in this version as just another puppet for someone else. Could it be The Maker? Controlling crime seems a bit low-key for him. Norman wouldn’t be a bad idea if he’s maybe not as dead as reported. This comic blew the other two books away because, unlike Wells and Slott, Hickman hasn’t done a lot of Spider-Man work. His work is fresh, it’s exciting and it reminds me why I love this character so damn much.

Steve: I completely agree here, Glenn. This book is my favorite comic on the shelves right now. It’s so familiar yet so fresh. It is benefitting, to this point, from the genius set up by Hickman in Ultimate Invasion. This comic illustrates how to make the personal moments shine while not bogging down the overall narrative and action. The bits with Peter and Mar are priceless. Ben and Jonah getting back in the news business and researching this “villain” targeting Kingpin is intriguing.

As a Daredevil fan, it was exciting seeing Bullseye show up. He nearly takes out Green Goblin, but is overcome by Peter and Goblin who spontaneously work together. I have to imagine that Harry was previously working with Tony Stark, or perhaps the fathers had a hand in creating this brand of tech and the sons were beneficiaries. Speculating here, but Norman and Howard maybe had a falling out at some point with what to do with their created tech. Harry clearly knew what the suit was, and maybe even who was in it. I guess we will find out next issue. Gotta love serialized fiction!


Glenn: Stunning work as always. Everything just looks so beautiful it’s unreal. The action is great, the character moments are great. I was already dying to read the Zdarsky Daredevil, but knowing that Chechetto draws pretty much all of it, I am all over that omnibus when it comes out.

I love the callbacks to other Spidey costumes when Peter’s picking a new look and the design for Bullseye may be only slightly different, but its still so great. I think Chechetto is doing a great job not exactly reinventing the wheel for how the characters look but they still look very different at the same time. Bullseye looks instantly deadly and badass. If you don’t know who this guy is, he doesn’t look silly, he looks like a legitimate threat.

Steve: I’m not sure what else there is to say here. Checchetto is a master. His work is gorgeous. Checchetto is equally good with those personal moments as he is with action. He fits the tone and is helping Hickman create an absolute masterpiece. I think he is helped by the colors of Matt Wilson. Both the warm and cool colors are slightly muted. The colors don’t “pop” but they set the mood. Great pairing!


Glenn: I maybe didn’t enjoy this as much as the first two issues, but the difference is like a hair or in this case, half a webshooter. I can’t say why, but I’m going with my gut. Please read this if you aren’t.

Steve: Absolute perfection- full five webshooters!

Superior Spider-Man Creators: Writers- Dan Slott and Christos Gage, Artist- Mark Bagley, Inks- John Dell, Colors- Edgar Delgado, Letters- Joe Caramagna


Glenn: So it occurs to me this is the most standard Spidey story ever. Villain hates Spider-Man for reasons, uses someone close to them to lure them out etc. Slott is telling it well and throwing in the added complication of Otto being the worst team up partner ever adds a new twist, but I realized this is a story Stan and Steve did in one issue on the regular.

I am still enjoying it, but I’m ready for a wrap up. Slott is doing a good job adding in new twists and keeping Otto’s back and forth alliance with Peter compelling I must say, but still. I would say the scene between Supernova and Anna Marie was great and added much needed depth to the former.

Good action, good humor, good conflict. It’s a well worn Spider-Man story done to a strong standard. I’d like the cliffhanger which will keep this ball of wool going a while longer.

Steve: I find this story boring and, ultimately, unnecessary. I think the concept of the Superior Spider-Man was brilliant….the first time. I think it’s overstayed its welcome. Once, Spidey and Ock had their battle in the mindscape, the two should have worked together, saved Anna and called it a day. Buuuuut, of course, Ock can’t be trusted. SURPRISE! And, now, Ock wants to kill Spider-Man and we have the Superior Spider-Boy because some of Doc Ock’s spider bots climbed into his mouth.

I think Slott is milking this concept for everything its worth, but at this point, it ain’t worth it. Quit going to the well and tell a new story. Slott is excellent. I’m sure it’s in there. Revisiting this concept with Ock and a villain that we don’t know or care about is not the answer.


Glenn: Not really much more to say about Mark Bagley. He can do stuff like this in his sleep. His quieter moments are great, his action is great and he and Slott seem to work together well. I should point out that Bagley’s design of Supernova reminds me of his Thunderbolts work and that makes me happy, so there you go.

Steve: Yeah, Bagley is excellent. However, given this mess to draw doesn’t help anything. Boooooring.


Glenn: It’s a great read, but I’m kinda like ‘Get on with it’ Monty Python style just a tad. I will also mention again it’s weird to see Otto here and in Amazing the same week. I remember Marvel editorial was obsessed with not having villains appearing in multiple books at once unless it had a purpose (like Otto being everywhere when Spider-Man 2 was released back in the day).

Since Otto isn’t very forthcoming with the Sinister Six about who Peter is, we might be heading towards another memory wipe. We’ll see. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the editors of Amazing and Superior don’t check these things.

I don’t feel like giving this four, but it is better than Amazing so….3.75 webshooters?

Steve: Art is good and “technically” as a story this is good. However, the story is tired and boring. 2- you heard it right, 2 webshooter is all it gets because Slott is better than this.

Amazing Spider-Man Creators: Writer- Zeb Wells, Artist- Carmen Carnero, Colors- Marcio Menyz, Letters- Joe Caramagna


Glenn: It’s a blast from the past as Electro looks to recreate one of his biggest successes by causing a Raft Breakout. He succeeded in instigating one which led to the reformation of the New Avenger’s way back in the day. Now, he’s looking to help break Sandman out to complete the Sinister Six….again.

This is mostly a very well written issue. I kind of love how Aunt Anna is so loved by the Raft prisoners and the scenes between her and Sandman are great. There’s some much needed talking between Peter and MJ before and after the main action set piece of the issue that in my view go a long way to try to place up the stupid place that Marvel has gotten these characters in and to each other.

Some great action, humor and character moments here. I still think the whole Jackpot thing is not great. I suspect that Marvel feels they can’t just send MJ off the board because she’s been so intrinsic to Spidey’s supporting cast for so long (like she was married to him or something). It’s clear though that without her being romantically involved with Peter that no one really knows what to do with her. The character has been largely spinning her wheels since One Day and has had multiple jobs (owning a coffee chain, being an actress, being a model, owning a nightclub, hosting a reality show, working for Tony Stark, acting again) while Marvel tries to figure out what to do with her.

I don’t think being a superhero is the answer and her powers are just so stupid. The weird aura around this really drags the issue down.

Steve: Glenn, you are right, this is a really good issue of Amazing Spider-Man. I was not happy about the Sinister Six coming after Peter since it’s been done a million times before, but the setup is perfect for this issue. The real highlight in this issue is the connection that Aunt Anna and the villains on the Raft make. There is a respect there and a real feeling among the world’s worst that someone actually cares about them. Ultimately this leads to the cool ending with Flint Marko not being able to take that anymore and finding a way to escape his prison within William Baker.

The elephant in the room is the connection of Peter and MJ. We get some nice moments here with them as themselves as well as them as Spider-Man and Jackpot. That silly slot machine effect on her arm is a bit wonky, but otherwise their conversation was great and we could see that there is still a connection there. Um, where is Paul in all this? I’d rather forget that, so maybe I missed something. Oh wait, they were married….they’re not… here is why.

I was not excited to see the Sinister Six back, but it’s kind of fun to see a real fraternity here. It seems that they are actually united. In this issue, they feel a real need to spring Sandman so that they are a complete unit. It will be interesting to see if they are truly willing to give of themselves to help each other, or if they will resume their selfish ways which will ultimately be their undoing.


Glenn: Carmen Carnero is still here and she’s doing brilliant work. She can handle action and the quieter moments and make it look easy. I’m once again seeing a lot of similarities to the work of Stuart Immonen, but it still is still very much its own thing. Given we have so much familiarity with Spidey artists on other ongoings (Bagley and Ramos) with another web slinging vet cycling in and out (Romita JR) it was nice to have some fresh blood. I really wish she was sticking around.

I do hope she maybe finds herself back at Spidey’s door once more one day. I think the X-Books are very lucky to have her, and I’m sure she’ll do exceptional work with Eve Ewing on Exceptional X-Men.

Steve: Carmen Carnero is absolutely brilliant! This book is so well done. I loved every page, especially those pages with Aunt Anna and the other inmates. I can’t imagine how bad this would have looked if Romita Jr. had been drawing. So thankful it was not. My biggest gripe here is that Carnero will not be back. It’s a shame because she could totally lift this book.


Glenn: This is much better. I wonder if Wells realized his book was coming out the same day as both Superior and Ultimate and was like ‘Crap, better get my writing socks on.’ The book continues to be dragged down by some of the awkward elements that keeps it from really getting any real level of brilliance. Still, when we have an overall very good issue like this one, I’m hopeful for a turnaround.

*looks at next issue, sees Chasm is back*


3 and a half webshooters

Steve: I was actually getting on board with the Sinister Six and then, guess what, more Chasm and Limbo crap. C’mon!! Nice story and beautiful art- 4 webshooters!

Next time- more Spider-Man.

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