Bob Mould, Record Stores, And The Things We Did For Music

Wanderings and Woolgathering Episode 17 – Bob Mould, Record Stores, And The Things We Did For MusicChallenge Answers:JPP: Dead Can Dance – Toward The Within YouTube: – The Last Temptation of ReidYouTube: Thirteen Masks by Jarboe: Light from the Mouth of Infinity by Swans: Face by Voivod: Hate Machine by Nine Inch Nails: Mould’s Sunshine Rock Album Review:Album Spotify link: Apple Music link:Rolling Stone Review: are we listening to?JPP: God Lives Underwater – Up Off The FloorYouTube: Westward – Wither, Blister, Burn & Peel YouTube: of Loving Grace – ConcentrationYouTube: Maiden – The TrooperYouTube: saltines – Jack White Interruption – Jack White’m the One – Danzig Way Back From Hell – Danzig – Danzig – Danzig I Demon – Danzig Mentions:Cliff Burton’s birthday: by Metallica: at Grammys Dissed: Grammy’s Rehearsal: Noose by A Perfect Circle: by A Perfect Circle: Reich in the Studio – us at and Outro Music by justplainpaul ©2019 JPP Creative Media

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