Episode 24 – Beauty in Chaos & Flip the StyleChallenge Answers:T-Bags:Everything by NIN done more traditional NIN less The CureDon’t Speak by No Doubt done darkerMuhammad My Friend – Tori Amos done as a duet with MaynardRunner Up: Big Dumb Sex – Soundgarden done as PopJPP: Tori Amos – Crucify – Djent/Prog redo with tapped electric guitar as the piano partAir – Kelly Watch The Stars – Redone with fuzz guitar a la Blur’s Song 2, Smashing Pumpkins, or Kyus, etc. NIN – Head Like a Hole – Solo Piano and VocalFoggy:Run to the Hills (Iron Maiden) by the Darlins on Andy GriffithCherub Rock by Billy on piano and Jimmy on (jazz) drumsMy Way (Sinatra) by PanteraAlbum Review: Finding Beauty in Chaos by Beauty in ChaosListening To or Watching:JPP: Jinjer – Micro EP Spotify: Cure – DisintegrationSpotify: Mode – ViolatorSpotify: Intro and Outro Music by justplainpaul ©2019 JPP Creative Media.

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