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Bend for Eleven is back. For the band from Thessaloniki, Greece, it has been nearly two years since their release of Rebel Day- their last full length album. You can find a review of the album here. Last April, Bend for Eleven released another single: Feel Me. It saw the band stretching and delving into new territory. Great song- check it out here.

Yesterday, December 21, Bend for Eleven released another single: Pure Gold. Like their previous offerings, the music is simply enjoyable upon first listen. The band has an excellent control of melody and rhythm. Pure Gold is a vocally driven song. After a brief guitar intro, the vocals are relentless for the next two minutes. The message here seems to reflect the temperature in Greece at the moment. The rich getting richer on the backs of the poor in a struggling economy. The problem- no one is fighting back any more. There is an acceptance, a malaise that has taken place.

“In a sea of mishaps,

I saw something odd

Noone fights nobody

for nothing’s wrong no more, I sense the


I’m in doubt, I feel so lost”

Of course, the lyrics are cleverly written so that anyone can make meaning in their own lives. Who hasn’t been taken by a conman and wanted to get even? We’ve all walked in those shoes.

“Yeah! I want you to know that….

All the words I hold back

Are moments with a conman

Who serves you for pure gold.

It has been so wrong but…

if you do the math right

the result’s a payback

And that is your pure gold.”

At the 2:25 mark, we get an excellent breakdown with clean guitar notes, and underlying smooth bass beat, quick snappy drums with a chorus of vocals over the top- “lose control.” This is an excellent respite from the frantic nature of the song and the powerful vocals. It then returns to the chorus and catchy beat to close the song. Pure Gold is relatively short, clocking in at a little over three minutes. What it lacks in time, it definitely makes up for in energy and passion.



Pure Gold is more in line with the songs on Rebel Day than the single Feel Me, and is another excellent addition to Bend for Eleven’s catalogue. Head over to Apple Music, Spotify or Soundcloud to check it out. Bend for Eleven has spun pure gold with Pure Gold….pun intended.

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