Maybe Someday” isn’t the only anthology AWBW is producing. In September, just ahead of Halloween, AWBW is releasing “Dead Beats,” a horror comic revolving around the contents of a music store. The store, and its owner, serve as the framing device for the tales. It’s cleverly placed to remind you that the tales are “real” and revolve around these mysterious instruments. I love layouts, logos and clever means to present an issue. This one has a beautiful contents page, laid out to look like a jukebox. Yeah, minor spoiler, but I couldn’t resist. It’s beautiful and adds to the package.

Phantom of the Opera
Courtesy of A Wave Blue World

In October, AWBW will be releasing “The Phantom of the Opera.” Based on the promo, it was easy to see the care that went into the design of the characters and world in which they inhabit. Tyler spoke highly of the output of Varga Tomi, the artist and writer of Phantom. The praise is obvious when looking at the pages offered at It carries a creepy, yet beautiful aesthetic. Tyler warns that folks who expect the play will be surprised because it follows the novel much more closely. “The Phantom of the Opera” will be released in its entirety in a 120 page book.

The 27 Run
Courtesy A Wave Blue World

FInally, in November, A Wave Blue World is re-releasing “The 27 Run” in anticipation of “The 27 Run: Crush” which will be released in 2021. Justin Zimmeran wrote the book, while Russ Brown and Fran Gamboa handled the art. The books claims to be about big mech vs big monsters- who doesn’t want to see that? And, the art is crisp with clean lines and a vibrant color palette that brings these big machines to life. Zimmerman assures that reader that if we liked 27 Run, they really “crushed” it with sequel. (yeah, I know- bad joke. I couldn’t resist)

It was a pleasure talking to Tyler and Justin. They are two creators with their hearts in the right place who are producing quality, meaningful material. It is clear to see that both create art for art’s sake, and we the reader, are the lucky beneficiaries. I know Metalhead Mundy and I are now fanboys. Give them a shot, I think you will be too.

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And, if you liked the promo videos, those were the works of Justin Zimmerman. You can find more of his work at

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