A Wave Blue World

A Wave Blue World

A Wave Blue World, AWBW, stopped by to chat with Metalhead Mundy and I on Mini-Sode 7 of Wanderings and Woolgathering. Tyler Chin-Tanner and Justin Zimmerman talked about their passion projects, making it in the comics world, and their AWBW upcoming releases.

You can check out the episode here: https://soundcloud.com/wanderingswoolgathering/wanderings-chat-with-a-wave-blue-world-about-comics 

Or, if you use Apple, Spotify, Castbox or Stitcher you can find those here:


A Wave Blue World is comics publishing company that produces high quality products and supports creator owned endeavors. While small in comparison, AWBW is huge in scope tackling stories about monsters and mech, the neo-west, fantasy worlds, music shops, classic re-imaginings and more.

AWBW originally came onto our radar due to its collaboration with Jack the Radio- presenting the comics side to the Creatures project released earlier this month. The comic offers stories representing every song on the album and some big names in the comics world. Creatures Anthology brings the album to life and adds a layer of enjoyment you don’t get from a simple musical release.

Maybe Someday
Courtesy A Wave Blue World

In addition to producing beautiful books, A Wave Blue World is performing a valuable public service right now offering some hope in the form of a Kickstarter project called “Maybe Someday.” It’s the sequel to “All We Ever Wanted” and claims to contain stories of promise and visions of hope. Let’s be honest, we are starving for hope right now, and “Maybe Someday” will offer respite from our daily grind.

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