In August Justin Zimmerman, Chief Operating Officer of AWBW, is offering up a riveting story taking place in the neo-west- “The Killing Jar.” On the podcast, Justin was pleased to talk about his female lead. When Zimmerman wrote “The Killing Jar,” female leads were not as omni-present as they are now, so he was certainly ahead of his time. He is correct in that she is most definitely a hero; she acts extraordinarily in the face of adversity. She has a hobbled leg and must protect her younger brother in the face of extreme danger. The story is filled with vile characters, some wonderful action, and a payoff 220 pages in the making. Make sure you get in touch with your LCS to order a copy.

Not to be outdone, Tyler Chin-Tanner, co-publisher of AWBW, is re-releasing an updated version of a story he created nearly ten years ago. It’s called “American Terrorist.” While it had a small print run in the beginning, it did manage to make it into the New York Times where it saw a favorable review. The book will have some minor updates, more of a polishing really, and will offer a fictional view into a society mirroring the contents of a book made ahead of its time. I’m sure Chin-Tanner isn’t prophetic, but judging by this book he was onto something.

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