Project Renegade- Order of the Minus

Products of War

Products is bleak and apropos of modern society. I can’t help but hear the lyrics and think of the modern state of social media.

“Bloodshed can never find release

In an endless pit of hate

We’ re descending In a primal storm”

The music supports the lyrics with chugging guitars and heavy tones reminiscent of metal greats. The chug and heavy guitars give way to  melodic choruses that highlight Marianna’s heavenly voice. PR is hard when they need to be and melodic to drive home a point. They clearly understand their makeup and use it to full effect. And, it goes without saying that this song is a logical step in the thematic progression of this album.

The New Joker

The New Joker opens slowly with a light drum beat and sparse guitar work. It turns quickly to chugging guitars and double bass drums. Marianna changes the cadence in her voice to match the guitar work and point her lyrics at those who offend- those who deceive and make others feel self conscious.

“Reveling behind your hollow smile
You can’t infect with all your lies again”

But the protagonist here is up to the task. She has skin forged from iron and won’t ever give in. This song is so good and such a wonderful change in speed and rhythm, yet if fits perfect thematically. After all, if you are going to make change or buck the system, you must steel your nerves and prepare to be different- the outcast.

In Another Life

In Another Life begins aggressively with a sharp guitar line. It quickly breaks down and softens to allow Marianna the space to sing a song which lyrically is less sure of itself. Prior to this, it’s clear that PR is fighting back. But here, the lyrics are questioning, searching for solace.

“In another life you said

Free from this divide deep in my head

Where I know there’s something more

So come and take me”

It’s a nice break in the album and explores new territory. Beautifully written lyrics with a lovely hook.

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