Big Brother 25- Another Eviction-More of the Same

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On Thursday’s episode of Big Brother, Hisam’s plan to evict Reilly came to fruition. By unanimous vote, Reilly was evicted from the Big Brother house. In typical fashion, the broadcast led the audience to believe that the houseguests were actually putting a plan together to save Reilly and then backdoor Hisam. Hisam’s teammates, the Professors, were all talking behind his back about potentially saving Reilly. Reilly’s team was feverishly working to gather votes from the other side to save her.

In the end, it was the same old Big Brother mis-direct. After all the hub-bub, the houseguest’s chose to follow the HOH’s lead and vote out his target. This technique is becoming tired and makes the eventuality all that much more obvious to the viewer. Big Brother may need to find more ways of inserting drama, because “this ain’t it!”

Having not watched the live feeds, this season comes off as a bit of a snooze-fest. There are really only two groups at work here, and those groups are not vehemently opposed to the other side. The house is divided straight down the middle, with only two interesting story lines at work: Evicting Hisam and the cross-house partnership between mother and son.

Hisam has already painted a huge target on his back in two ways in this short season. First, he continues to dominate competitions. Bringing that kind of attention early can be a bad thing when half of the house notices and has a 50/50 chance of being in power the following week. Secondly, his antics and control issues have soured him within his own alliance. He blatantly throws his power around and dictates how the group should move forward. During one meeting, he asked questions of the group and then answered his own questions, shutting them down as the attempted to speak. It is likely that, regardless of who is in power, he will be the target next week.

To this point, Jared and Cirie’s relationship seems to be working fine. However, as the two are working together on opposite sides of the house, that will come into conflict sooner rather than later. Cirie is smart and should be able to manage for a while, but protecting Jared may eventually be her undoing. He does appear to be a decent competitor in comps, so gaining power once in a while should help them along.

Power Rankings– Who’s Safe Who’s Not

(Steve: Based on watching televised broadcasts only)

In trouble:

Steve: Hisam is in real trouble. He not only angered the other side of the house targeting Reilly, but he has also alienated his own side. Not only was he condescending, but he also went behind their backs trying to build relationships with the other side. If they decide to backdoor and he isn’t picked for Veto, he will be gone.

Cory- potentially. America shared some info with him and he immediately ran to the other side of the house after she told him not to. Not sure how this will play out. Could be nothing.

Ray: Hisam – it’s hard to overstate just how bad his position is right now. Not only has he alienated the entire house with his bullying, domineering manner, but he’s a massive challenge threat and his own side knows he’s dangerous and could turn on them. It’s basically 13-1 against him right now, and they’ll do everything they can to make sure he goes.

Cameron – There’s always got to be a backup, and this weird, intense cowboy doesn’t seem to have any allies in the house save fellow misfit Red. Unlike Red, though, he doesn’t have a good social game. No one actually wants to see him gone this week as their #1 pick, but he could be an easy throwaway vote if Hisam manages to survive.


Steve: Everyone else- seriously, this cast is boring to this point. They all seem to get along and no one is really ruffling feathers. I would imagine that the posturing that will take place over the next two weeks will shake up the house with new alliances being formed. Once Hisam is gone, it will be a new game.

Ray: With a backdoor in play, anything can happen, but one thing is for sure – Cirie, Jared, Bowie Jean, Red, and Mecole are 100% safe this week. The new HOH will not put any of them on the block either as a pawn or replacement when there are so many other choices.

Come back next week to find out if Felicia can shake up the house….C’mon Big Brother, times a ticking……

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