Challenge: Top 5 Guitarists Each

Robert Johnson-
Keith Richards-
Jimmy Page-
Stevie Ray Vaughan-
Alex Lifeson-

Adam Jones – Tool
Jimmy Page
David Gilmour
Jimi Hendrix

Charlie Hunter – No Money No Honey –…BXOj_2lFb&index=1

Pat Metheny – The Roots of Coincidence –…BKp0lHJ-IgBOUn23j

John Scofield – Uberjam Band Live –

Scott Ian – 34 Years of Thrash –

James Hetfield – James’ New Guitar from the ‘Garage Days’ –

This Week’s Review
Muse – Simulation Theory
Details, imagery, and video can be found here:

What are we listening to:
JPP: Magic Sword – In the Face of Evil

White Dove by Koda
Sad and Bored by Bulow and Duckwrth
Day Breaks by Norah Jones
Meet Your Master by Nine Inch Nails (remixed by The Faint)
The Box by Damien Rice

No music, just sad podcasts about the firing of Joel Quenneville

Other mentions:
The Reflex – YouTube Channel of Remixes
YouTube Channel:

Mike Milligan & Steam Shovel
Lucky Man Video –

Great Podcast: Song Exploder

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