What songs will make the new Slipknot setlist?

Last week, Corey Taylor made some waves with Maggots across the world. He stated, “I will tell you this — you’re gonna see some songs that haven’t been played live in a very long time, straight up,” the singer said. “I just redid the set, and we’re dusting some stuff off, and we’re bringing out not only some old school shit, but stuff that people have been asking for for a long time.” (Loudwire) With that in mind, what will the new set look like? What old songs will reappear? Of course Corey tends to work in hyperbole when describing new music, so who knows what old songs we will get. To figure it out, let’s look at the average sets from each album cycle. Some songs were performed from time to time, but typically, the boys stuck to a fairly tight set. Using those average setlists, I will build the set for the next tour.

In 1999-2000, the self-titled set was very basic. It was an opening band set and based on one record; it featured the intro and anywhere from seven songs up to eleven songs.




Wait and Bleed


No Life




Get This



Jump to 2001-2002 and the Iowa tour, the setlist inched up to 12-13 songs with two intros. Seven songs from the previous tour reappear plus one more from self-titled, and six are added from Iowa:

People = Shit



New Abortion

The Heretic Anthem

My Plague

Now we move to Subliminal Verses Tour 2005. With the new album, the setlist grows to 17 songs. For this tour, Slipknot adds: (the most from any album added to a tour)


Blister Exists

Before I Forget

Left Behind


Pulse of the Maggots

The Nameless

Everything Ends


Get This (self-titled)

Now let’s jump forward to the All Hope is Gone tour in 2008. For this tour, the average setlist had 15 songs. In addition to the new songs from AHG, Liberate makes another appearance after being left off the last tour and Only One from Self-Titled makes an appearance. AHG songs are numbered to two:

Dead Memories


In 2015, Slipknot toured .5 The Gray Chapter. They go back to 17 songs and add five tracks from the new record. In addition to the new songs, they add Vermillion and Sulfur. New songs:


The Devil in I




Opium for the People – first time since 2004.

My Plague- first since 2002

Purity- played a few times

In 2019, Slipknot began touring We Are Not Your Kind. The only song on the initial part of the tour was Unsainted and the Halloween released All Out Life. The band began adding more, including Solway Firth before Covid hit and cut it short. Slipknot also broke out Prosthetics, a fan favorite and periodically played Eyeless.

If Slipknot tours a 17 song set, which is average for the past few years, here is a potential list. I will hold out two spots for new material- Chapeltown Rag and one new one from the new record to be released this Spring. That follows their approach to WANYK. So the remaining 15 songs are made from classics, to songs not played in a while, to a few that have never been played:

People = Shit– every tour

Surfacing- every tour and the Maggot anthem

Spit It Out – because we need to jump the F up

(sic)– well because it’s sic

The Heretic Anthem– a must

Disasterpiece– classic and reminds me of Joey

Duality– Clown needs a song to bat a keg

The Devil in I– makes sense to represent .5

My Plague– It’s been a minute- love this one live

Pulse of the Maggots– rarely on the setlist- another sort of anthem

Liberate– rarely on setlist

Eyeless– fan fave and doesn’t typically make the main cycle- and AMAZING

Blister Exists– Been a while since it was in the main setlist

Gematria: The Killing Name– never played live

Spiders– never live- as the group continues to evolve, this could be really cool live


Critical Darling- never played live- it has the chorus that Corey loves these days

Of course, this will probably not look anywhere near the actual setlist, but it’s fun to think about. I think many of us would love to see a resurgence to a lot of older material, but let’s be honest here- we are going to get the classics, some new songs off the new record, a few more off of WANKY since they didn’t get to complete the tour, and a mere few that are dusted off for our pleasure. Can’t wait to find out when Slipknot hits the road.

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