This Day in Music History- The Beatles

Beatles tape found in attic – 1995.

I don’t know about you all, but I’m a collector. (fancy name for hoarder:) I collect comic books. I always marvel, pun intended, when someone falls into a big find. A man finds an Action Comics #1 in his grandfather’s closet or in a shed. Someone stumbles upon a Detective 27. These stories pop up from time to time and are so intriguing. I know when I drive by a garage sale, I look for the distinctive long box. Who knows what treasure might await me. I’m usually disappointed as they are nearly always filled with 90s foil covers.

This scenario, however, is exactly what happened to Peter Hogdson in 1995. Apparently, and according to the London Times, Hogdson found a tape in his attic that contained 16 early recordings by the Beatles. The songs, which were recorded in 1959 included “Hello Little Girl,” “Ask Me Why,” “When I’m 64” and Ray Charles’ “Hallelujah, I love her so.” He handed the tapes over to Paul McCartney and spent a day with the music star in his private studio playing instruments and chatting.

There is some mystery around the tapes, and some even propose that it was a con job. I, however, love the story and hope to someday stumble upon a pristine Daredevil #1. So, I’m leaving this here- on this day in history, April 23, it was reported that a man found a long lost Beatles tape in his attic. That much we know is true and makes April 23 pretty interesting in the music world.

Come back tomorrow to find out what happened on April 24.

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