Snapped Ankles- Forest of Your Problems

Fourth song is Undilated Lovers. This one doesn’t quite have the same unique energy as some of the others, but the chorus really stands out. Not sure who the lyricist for Snapped Ankles is since the band is a bit cagey. Whoever it is definitely writes some smart, clever lyrics. He seems to understand fun wordplay and clever phrasing.

It’s undilated, undisputed, underrooted, underrated
When I met you, could it be true?
Could it be true?
But the roots hold you down
Undiluted, ritualistic, isolated and backdated
As we deny the impossibility of love
Unrestrained love
With life so drastic, most empathic, wrapped in plastic
Conversations with living entity
And anxiety

Next up- Susurrations (in the forest). This one is an instrumental. It is a slow builder adding elements layer by layer. This one is not a standout and feels like filler.

Rhythym is Our Business is another uptempo number with cool synth bits, some snappy drum fills and all sorts of texture and sound. The lyrics are fun with some cool word play, “I’m not a politician. I’m a businessman. Rhythm is our business.” The vocal delivery is definitely punk goodness. Check out the video:

Psithurhythm begins with sum fuzz and a catchy keyboard beat that has a child’s toy feel. The different sounds produced here make all the songs feel fresh and different. A quick drum joins as the singer repeats psithurhythm over and over. More beats, breaks with lyrics, tasty drums and repeat. Fast paced fun song.

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