Post-Punk Last Sadness Emotion is Energy in Motion

Last Sadness- Emotion is Energy in Motion

My post-punk history lies with groups like The Cure, Modern English, Bauhaus and Echo and the Bunnymen. I love those groups and I love that sound. When I hear that signature guitar tone and mixture of elements not strictly defined by genre, I find a happy place in memory. I have, however, fallen off the modern post-punk offerings. I was happy to find a Facebook group dedicated to post-punk music. One simple post and I’ve been given a lot of music to listen to. Per my commitment to the group, I will listen and discuss each suggestion given to me by the group.

The first entry to this journey is Last Sadness and the recent record- Emotion is Energy in Motion. This suggestion was made by Josh Hines. So, without further ado, is Last Sadness worth a listen?

The short answer is YES. Last Sadness, apparently a one man band, is relatively new with only one album prior to the latest release coming out in 2020. It was called Quarantunes and features remakes. The new EP which came out in August is called Emotion is Energy in Motion and features five new songs.

The first song is called Symbiosis. It begins with keyboards, before hitting with a snappy drumbeat and that beautiful guitar tone. The vocals kick in and I warm up instantly. There is a raw quality that feels like it’s being sung in a phone booth. He feels British, but it’s not absolute. What is, though, is he sounds great. Unfortunately, I was not able to read the lyrics. I connect more to meaning, but I will grade on musicality alone.

The second song is Who Flies Against Time. This one begins with guitar instead of keyboards. Drums kick in and we get that familiar up tempo post punk beat. Vocals join and we have a melodically smooth jam. It’s a basic 4/4 with some quick drum fills. After the second verse, some cool rising synth joins the song and then gives way again to the guitar. The song marches to the end, up tempo with interesting elements added as it cruised to the end. This one is epic.

The third song is called Somnium. The third song opens in the third different way. The song begins with a drum beat, giving way to synth being played as if it were a guitar. Forty seconds in the guitar begins and drops into a cool beat. Vocals are more distinctive on this one. Sound great and great intonation riding the music. This one begs to be sung. The songs ends with repeating chorus accompanied by some cool synth. Just a fantastic song.

The fourth song is called Stesk. This one opens with a pronounced guitar with clean notes. Enter drum beat and a sick bass line accompanied by keyboards. Vocals bounce over the instruments. Bass takes back seat to some cutting guitar licks. Breakdown for lyrics- turns beautifully melodic. This song is cleverly constructed- fade repeating chorus out.

The final song on the EP is Saudade. This one begins with a cool drum beat with some dream keyboards behind. Enter a dirty bass line and grungy guitar. The killer bass here leads the song. Great departure from the rest. Another melodic chorus here with a more familiar post-punk guitar under the lyrics. The bass is the story and plays under the lyrics the whole way.

As a whole, I think this is a solid EP. Each song seems connected, yet offers something different. Its elements are familiar but always feels fresh. I wish I had a lyric sheet to really connect on a more personal level, but on the surface, this is fantastic. Great suggestion Josh. Can’t wait to check out the next suggestion.

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