Episode 157- Corey Taylor CMF2

Metalhead Mundy and Foggy review the latest from Corey Taylor- CMF2, his second solo record. Foggy reminisces about the Smashing Pumpkins.

Episode 142- Depeche Mode

Metalhead Mundy, T-Bags and Foggy review Memento Mori from Depeche Mode. Find out why you should listen.

Episode 140- Periphery, Winery Dogs And NF

Metalhead Mundy and Foggy review the latest from Periphery- V: Djent is not a Genre. Mundy shares his concert with the Winery Dogs and the boys discuss the latest from NF.

Devah Quartet Prometheus World Premier

We premier the new album from Devah Quartet called Prometheus. We listen to each track and discuss them as we go. nThere were a few audio problems as we went along. Please be patient and enjoy the new offerings from Devah. You can listen to it on your streaming services on August 1.

Whitney Tai And Chuck Wright's Sheltering Sky

JPP, Metalhead Mundy and Foggy chat with Whitney Tai about her albums Metamorphosis and Apogee, her collaboration with Michael Ciravolo and Chuck Wright, and her writing process. It’s over an hour look into the mind of an artist.