Celebrity Big Brother Round Seven Recap and Finale Preview

CBS Celebrity Big Brother

Well, here we are – the final three of Celebrity Big Brother. I would say it’s been fun getting here, but has it really? All three seasons of this spinoff have been plagued by ugly fights and overly spiteful gameplay, but I don’t think any has had a sheer oppressive presence like this season’s duo of the dominant Meisha Tate and the irksome Todrick Hall. After they finally managed to evict Carson Kressley with the help of Todd Bridges, it was back to business as Todrick finally claimed the Head of Household crown in a complex art-forgery-themed competition.

Sure enough, they stuck to form and immediately turned on their strongest ally, seeking to put Todd up and out as soon as they had power back. After an incredibly obnoxious nomination ceremony involving Todrick’s alter ego, Todd and Lamar were on the block. This seemed to light a fire under Todd’s butt – but it did the opposite for Lamar, seeming to only enhance his laid-back attitude. Todd knew it was do or die, and in a strange luge-themed competition that involved timing your slide, he managed to beat both Todrick and Meisha.

Cynthia was placed on the block, and there was about as much suspense as there usually is in this season of Celebrity Big Brother. Todrick and Meisha controlled the vote, and Todd had the power to force a tie. He did, and Todrick once again proved himself the most classless person in Celebrity Big Brother history by giving a bizarre fake-out speech before evicting Lamar. But there was one more surprise in store for the houseguests – it was double eviction night, and the whole cycle would begin again.

This entire season of Celebrity Big Brother has largely been like Lucy pulling away the football, and that continued with the Head of Household competition. A fun game based around identifying fake movie posters from clues started with Todd up 2-0-0 over Meisha and Cynthia, and ended with Meisha winning 3-2-2. Todd and Cynthia wound up on the block, and Meisha then won another competition – a veto based around rolling a ball and landing it in the right spot based on questions about days. This completed her insanely dominant streak, and allowed Toddrick to evict Todd and put an end to his impressive underdog run.

So here we are. One challenge left to go, three celebrities left, and $250,000 on the line. Below, I’ll break down who’s in pole position to win Celebrity Big Brother season three.

  1. Meisha Tate – This really doesn’t need much explanation. She’s won almost as many competitions as the other ten contestants behind. She’s had a role in steering almost every single eviction. She’s made a lot of enemies, but if she makes it to the end – and she’s only one competition away – I doubt it’ll matter.
  2. Cynthia Bailey – As much as she’s completely undeserving of winning this game, she still has a decent chance of it. She’s made very few enemies, and the people who might take her will make all the enemies. Whether she could beat Meisha depends on how bitter the jury is, but I doubt they’ll be up against each other.
  3. Todrick Hall – Let me be clear – in the entire history of Big Brother and Survivor, I don’t know if anyone has ever made themselves a bigger goat than Todrick. He’s played aggressively, but there’s a difference between that and playing well. Virtually every contestant who has come out of the house has immediately started talking about how they can’t wait to vote against Todrick. The question isn’t if he loses to Meisha or Cynthia, it’s if he’s able to get a single vote.

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