Amazing Spider-Man 37 Review- Please Stop

WebShooters- Spider-Man

Creators: Zeb Wells- all others will remain anonymous as they clearly couldn’t have been on board for this story.


“I wonder who’s calling me? No time for that! I have Amazing Spider-Man to review!”

Writer Stan Lee (and co-plotter/artist Steve Ditko) offer up another excellent thrill packed, action filled tale with a dash of corporate espionage this time. Super sus businessman Norman Osborn (Harry’s dad) has his past come back to haunt him. Former business partner, Mendel Stromm returns for revenge and sicks some robots on the man who screwed him over. We all knew Norman was a bad guy but…

“Damn that phone…anyway.”

We aslo get an indication that Osborn may be a murdiddlyurderer but I have to wonder…how’d he get the sniper rifle so high I wonder if perhaps he’s connected to the Green Gob…


“Hi? Steve? No I’m pretending it’s Amazing Spider-Man 37, the original one so I don’t have to? What? Okay how about the JMS and JRJR Amazing 37 with a breather issue after the Morlun arc while we wait for the penny to drop on May know Peter is Spider-Man?”

“No? Okay, how about Amazing Spider-Man 37 Vol. 3?! I know Volume 3 only went to 18 issues but….yes and Vol. 4 went back to original numbers before we got to 37 and NO I’M NOT DOING THAT RUN, I’M still working through Amazing Spider-Man volume 5 with my therapist.”


They’re trying to make Rek-rap a thing (he isn’t). There’s a cool scene with the Maggia, but I’d lost interest in this issue by then. Zeb Wells seems like he’s stopped caring so why should I?

Steve sidenote to Glenn’s rant- the scene with the Maggia was good, but so misplaced here. Tonally, it had no business within 100 miles of this book. Jarring and mis-placed. It’s like Wells knew there was another, more important story to tell so he don’t want us to forget. Wells waving his hand frantically, “Hey readers, better story over here.”

Also how could Oscorb only have like 280 employees? That can’t be right…


Ed McGuiness? Are you okay? If you’re being held captive, blink twice. Again the art does a lot of heavy lifting this issue McGuiness seems to have fun drawing this Rek-Rap character which is probably why he’s back, but I just imagine he could be drawing more of Hammerhead, Count Nefaria and the like instead and it makes me sad.

Remembering how much I loved his art on Superman/Batman I would have jumped for joy in the past at McGuiness drawing this book in the past. Now he just seems trapped with subpar material. Again, at least he’s likely having fun and probably pulling quite the page rate…


Glenn– One webshooter- Horrid issue, One for the art and one decent scene I didn’t care about because everything around it sucked.

Steve– One webshooter- blah

Hopefully, we will be covering better Spidey issues soon. Check out the Pop Culture tab at Wanderings and Woolgathering. Isn’t Superior about due for another issue….

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