Amazing Spider-Man 36 Review- Enough Already!

WebShooters- Spider-Man

Creators Amazing Spider-Man 36: Zeb Wells, Ed McGuiness, Mark Farmer, Marcio Menyz, Joe Caramagna,


Glenn: We see the return of Rek-Rap here as we pick up some dangling threads from this Summer’s Dark Web thingamajigger. The events of the last few issues aren’t referenced as Spidey teams up with a demonic version of himself who is basically if Deadpool, Spider-Man and Venom had a baby and that baby was very, very VERY stupid.

Zeb Wells has written some great comedy in the past during his tenures on Peter Parker, Amazing (during Brand New Day), Avenging Spider-Man and more, but Rek-Rap isn’t quite up to that standard. It’s nothing offensive and it might get a little ‘ha’ from me now and then, but overall it just is odd story decisions that they are determined to make work. Some people are maybe enjoying Rek-Rap but the character just seems to be an odd distraction more than anything. This run overall just seems to be confusing more than anything. We’re not at Spencer or Mackie post first relaunch bad, but we’re kinda at O’Neil levels of awkward.

Steve: I agree with Glenn. While this story does add a little humor and some fun comic goofiness, it is a momentum killer. Wells landed the last arc as we knew he would. Peter is free of Norman’s sins and the Goblin has found purchase back with Norman. One would think that there would be some fall out from this story as well as a lead in to the huge event coming next month. Alas, no. There is no mention of Norman. No reference to the previous events and no real build up to what’s coming with Gang War. We get a brief scene here with Tombstone, but ultimately, it simply shows us what could have been.

Each time Wells builds us to an apex, he fails. Following the wedding shootout, the storyline is essentially dropped. Following the “sins” arc, the story is dropped. I understand dangling threads that will ultimately pay off, but killing your own momentum is bad storytelling. Time for completion. Time to make all of this payoff before we have to hear more about Rek-Rap and this silly Limbo non-sense. Ultimately, this issue feels more like an epilogue to Dark Web.


Glenn: I’m a big fan of McGuinness and think he draws a great Spidey. Like most of the other artists of the last era, I wish he was here drawing better stuff. I’m sure he’s having fun drawing wacky crazy stuff which I do think comes across in the work. I think he’s definitely a better choice for this off the track story than Romita or Jr or Gleason because it’s more like McGuiness to be able pull off the particular/wacky things that are being presented here.

The art is very good, all the characters are drawn well, again. it’s the star of the issue. It’s the story of Amazing Spider-Man in general at the moment. Great art, puzzling story.

Steve: Man, am I getting tired of agreeing with Glenn, but the ART is the star! McGuiness is a fan favorite for good reason. He is a genius. He is soooo talented that he almost makes Rek-Rap interesting. I know, I’ll slow down…. The sad reality here is that McGuiness will finish this non-sense and then hand Gang War back over to JRJR…bleh. Seems it’s hard to win on Amazing these days. For me, the art and story are rarely in alignment. Good thing we have Superior and Spine-Tingling to read. Those books marry story and art beautifully. Well, I guess it’s not like Amazing is the flagship titl……oh wait. CRAP!


Glenn: Two Webshooters, mostly for the art and the odd ‘ha’ the story got.

Steve: One Webshooter- for $5, we should get more.

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